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At Custom Showcases we offer our clients to view our various photo display case galleries online, which are a great way to showcase our products and services. Past customers such as the US Military, Homeland Security, NASA, Disney, or many other organization or none profits have decided to use our company to design and manufacture their glass display cases.

Our past customers have been thrilled with the results they have gotten from our custom glass display showcases. We specialize in creating unique designs that will stand out and make an impact on your audience. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship, you can be sure that your project will be handled with care and precision.

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Selling a Gun During the COVID-19 / Corona Virus Pandemic 2021-04-07 09:53:05

https://www.cashmyguns.com/blog/selling-a-gun-during-the-covid-19-corona-virus-pandemic/ With the world in disarray from the COVID 19/Corona virus pandemic, many Americans have started a pattern of panic buying and selling. In recent weeks items including toilet paper, cleaning supplies, food, firearms and ammunition have been bought in unprecedented quantities. In these unprecedented times, Americans feel the need to stock up on items they feel are essential to be prepared and ride out this crisis. Though most of the hoarding or panic buying can be harmless and chalked up to pandemonium, those who are purchasing firearms for the first time are now faced with the responsibility that comes from being a gun owner. Reports of first-time firearm buyers, that didn’t understand the process that one must go through to legally obtain a gun, are now struggling with the task of become familiar and comfortable with gun ownership. Training and familiarization are important parts of responsible gun ownership, but this generally can only be obtained through shooting them and practice. It’s no surprise that most private and public gun ranges as well as training classes are closed and not available at this time. This newfound reality new gun owners are being faced with is a problem and they are reacting to it in different ways. One way they are reacting is a feeling of buyer’s remorse. Having a gun in the home with no safety training or familiarization makes most people feel uncomfortable or unsafe. They consider their new gun a regretful purchase. I Panic Bought a Gun, Now I Don’t Want it. What Do I Do? If you bought a firearm and you’re not comfortable owning it, that’s OK. Regrettable purchases happen to everyone at some point and that’s why most places have return policies. Unfortunately, with a firearm, the same return policies that are typical of other goods generally don’t apply. Here are some options you have: 1. Ask the retailer you bought it from if they will accept a return. Most gun retailers do not accept returns on guns. They may buy it back from you as a “used gun” and likely it will be for much less that you paid. 2. Try selling the gun in a private party transaction to another individual. A friend or relative might be a good option. Every state has unique laws regulating the sale and transfer of firearms, so be sure you’re up to speed on your state’s laws before you attempt a private party sale. If done incorrectly, you could face jail time or unnecessary liability. 3. Sell your gun to a company like CashMyGuns.com who is a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder authorized to help people with the sale and transfer of firearms. Selling a gun through an FFL means there is a “paper trail” indicating that you sold your gun the proper (legal) way and a release of liability/ownership comes with it. You will generally get more for your gun this way than a local gun shop. The team at CashMyGuns.com are here to handle any inquires to help those who may have second thoughts about their recent panic purchase or those looking to get rid of their gun. Get the Best Price for Your Gun Without Leaving Home Our process makes for a safe, easy and legal way to sell unwanted firearms and be 100 percent compliant with federal laws. We have a Federal Firearms Licensee, who is licensed by the U.S. Government to help people with selling and transferring of firearms. We take care of the hard part and make the process safe, quick and hassle-free. The reality is, anyone can sell thier gun without leaving the comfort of home. Just tell us which gun(s) you’d like to sell, we’ll make you an offer, and once we agree on a price, you’ll ship us your gun(s) with all expenses paid by us. When we receive your gun(s), we get you paid with a check in your hand within a few days.

How to Buy Gun Magazines 2021-04-06 09:55:21

https://themagshack.com/how-to-buy-gun-magazines/ WANT TO LEARN HOW TO BUY GUN MAGAZINES? START HERE. In the first half of 2020 – despite the COVID-19 pandemic – more than 2 million Americans have purchased their first firearms. And guess what firearms need – magazines. Simply put, magazines hold the ammunition that feed into the firearm. Finding the right one for your gun can be tricky, so here are a few tips for buying your first magazines. TAKE A SECOND TO INSPECT YOUR GUN MAKE AND MODEL Start with your firearm. Who is the manufacturer? The firearm’s respective paperwork should reveal the firearm manufacturer, model, caliber, and capacity – all very important. If one of these categories are incorrect, the magazine may not be compatible. If you were to order a Glock 19, 15 round magazine for your Glock 17 9mm handgun, it wouldn’t fit. Learning how to buy gun magazines is easy once you know what you’re buying for. If you are having trouble finding information with your firearm, we recommend to consult with the firearm’s manufacturer. I BOUGHT A NEW HANDGUN/PISTOL, WHICH MAGAZINE SHOULD I GET? It’s always good to have extra magazines – stowed away in your underground bunker or for going to the range. After identifying the manufacturer, model, caliber, and capacity of your handgun, it is much easier to find which magazine you need. Very often, you will have two categories of magazines to choose from – OEM and aftermarket. OEM magazines are supplied by the original manufacturer of your firearm, such as GLOCK, SIG SAUER, RUGER and SMITH AND WESSON. OEM magazines are known for their great build-quality and reliability. If you got a few OEM magazines with your initial purchase and you like the way they handle, just order some more. Take a look at our selection of OEM magazines, just use the filter button to find the right magazine: Aftermarket magazines often have certain advantages, particularly in customization. These magazines may have larger capacities (OEM 10 round vs Aftermarket 15 round), color combinations (FDE, ODG, and translucent magazines), and possibly enhanced durability/performance. For handgun aftermarket handguns, Magpul and SGM Tactical make popular Glock magazines. Also, ETS produces clear/translucent magazines for many different pistol brands, such as Smith and Wesson, Glock, HK, and Sig Sauer. Click each picture below to find out more: I BOUGHT AN AR-15, WHICH MAGAZINE SHOULD I GET? Certain rifles only take OEM magazines (check with your manufacturer). But for many AR-15 rifles, you have many options for your magazines – brand, capacity, color, material, and other accessories. After identifying your firearm’s make, model, and caliber, you can start to narrow down the field of aftermarket magazines. Our most popular brands for .223/5.56mm AR-15s include MAGPUL, AMEND2, LANCER SYSTEMS, and HEXMAG. If you are looking for a classic 30 round polymer (plastic) magazine, we would recommend the AMEND2 MOD 2 AR-15 30 ROUND MAGAZINE. If you were in the market for a polymer 30 round magazine, but with a window in beige, we would highly recommend the MAGPUL PMAG GEN 3 COYOTE TAN W/ WINDOW. If you were looking for something more trendy, our translucent LANCER SYSTEMS L5WAM MAGAZINES have been super popular. I BOUGHT AN AR-10 / SR-25, WHICH MAGAZINES SHOULD I GET? The magazine selection and market for AR-10s / SR-25s are very similar to that of the AR-15, so learning how to buy magazines isn’t too much different. Look above for information about AR-15 magazines. Again, certain rifles only take OEM magazines (check with the manufacturer). Here agin, aftermarket magazine brands, like Magpul and Lancer, are very popular. For AR-10 / SR-25 firearms, we recommend the MAGPUL M3 7.62 25 ROUND WINDOWED MAGAZINE and the CPD DURAMAG AR-10 20 ROUND MAGAZINE. Click below to find out more about our AR-10 magazine selection: I LIVE IN A STATE WITH CAPACITY RESTRICTIONS. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Simply put, your State and/or local laws only allow you to purchase/possess magazines at certain rounds in capacity (unless you are in law enforcement). Please see below if this applies to you: We offer many magazines that abide by these State and local restrictions. JUST CLICK HERE FOR OUR STATE COMPLIANT MAGAZINES. HAVE SOME FUN WITH YOUR MAGS Many people have found new confidence with their new gun purchase because they have gained the confidence and ability to protect themselves and family. You can have that confidence as well. All you need to do is pack up your magazines, go to the range and be prepared to learn to shoot, which, coincidentally, is a lot of fun. It is also a cornerstone of what makes America, America. Shop The Mag Shack for all your firearm magazine needs.

The Bergara B-14 Hunting and Match Rifle (HMR) Wins the Outdoor Life Editor's Choice Award 2021-04-06 09:29:11

https://www.bergara.online/us/blog/bergara-b-14-hunting-match-rifle-hmr-wins-outdoor-life-editors-choice-award/ All new 2017 rifles were tested by a group of five independent judges with the B-14 HMR coming out on top. Lawrenceville, Ga. (May 2017) – Bergara Rifles, a division of BPI Outdoors, is pleased to announce its Bergara B-14 Hunting and Match Rifle (HMR) has won the Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice Award for 2017. Over several days of shooting, Outdoor Life tested all of the new rifles for 2017. Drills were done to mimic practical shooting positions. The rifles were shot for accuracy off the bench and tested for reliability by being shot in a way to try and induce malfunctions. Each firearm was taken apart and inspected to ascertain the quality of manufacturing, and the amount of innovation put into each firearm. The rifles were tested by a group of five independent judges and were evaluated on 10 different categories. During each of these 10 categories, each rifle was scored using a scale from 1-10. After the shooting stopped and the dust settled, the B-14 HMR came out on top. Watch the review below: “We’re honored that our rifle was chosen by the Outdoor Life judges as the editors choice. All of our rifles, and especially the HMR, combine state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, near obsessive attention to detail, and a passion to bring our genuine and authentic personal touch to every rifle built. All of this combined allows us to create incredible rifles, and my hope is that the care and the passion that each Bergara rifle is built with, will be reflected when a new owner puts one in their hands. We’re grateful and honored Outdoor Life noticed,” said Ben Fleming, VP of marketing and sales at Bergara Rifle. The Bergara B-14 HMR is a feature-rich rifle, designed to meet the needs of hardcore hunters, precision rifle shooters, and those desiring absolute quality and accuracy.

10 Gun Show Myths 2021-03-29 18:30:09

There have been myths about what happens at gun shows. These myths stem anywhere from anti-gun activists to people who honestly don’t know the law. In truth, several of the sources for these gun show myths can be traced back to distorted facts. To help credit the authenticity of this article, all sources will be linked. Please note, it’s been made a point to use sources that are government agencies or that may or may not be biased towards strong gun control. Also J.S.T. Andrews is not an attorney, nor should this be taken as legal advice. 1.Myth: Anyone can Purchase a Firearm at a Gun Show Fact: False. Licensed dealers are required to run a background check on every gun purchase. This even applies to those who are trading-in a firearm for another. 2. Myth: Most Guns Used in Crimes are Purchased from Gun Shows Fact: False. According to the Washington Post, a staggering 1.7% of “… offenders [who] were incarcerated from crimes committed with handguns… reported… they obtained the guns…” at a gun show. In addition the National Criminal Justice Reference Service reports: According to the latest available data, those who use guns in violent crimes rarely purchase them directly from licensed dealers; most guns used in crime have been stolen or transferred between individuals after the original purchase. 3. Myth: Anyone can Purchase Ammunition at a Gun Show Fact: True. So long as they are not legally prohibited from purchasing ammo and/or receiving ammo. (Most people would know if they were prohibited.) Long guns and long gun ammunition may be sold only to persons 18 years of age or older. Sales of handguns and ammunition for handguns are limited to persons 21 years of age and older. 4. Myth: Most Gun Show Vendors are Not Licensed FFL Dealers Fact: True(ish). In most states, private sellers are not required to preform background checks. The majority of dealers sell accessories including ammo, magazines, clips, t-shirts, knives, ice cream, etc. Typically, private sellers at gun shows tend to have a single table. However uncommon, there are some cases where a private seller might have 2+ tables. In addition, most gun shows will dedicate more tables to licensed FFL Dealers. Typically these dealers have anywhere from 5 to 20+ tables. Let’s use New York City’s data from their 2009 “Gun Show Undercover” report. 1% to 8.9% of the tables at gun shows are private sellers. With that being said, if every private seller had two tables, that would mean that anywhere from 2% to 18% of all tables were private sellers. 5. Myth: Gun Show Prices are More Expensive Fact: This really depends on the gun show and its dealers. Keep in mind that the larger the gun show, the more competition there will be between vendors. Competition between firearm dealers will help lower the prices on guns. This will also depend on the location and the gun you’re looking for. 6. Myth: Gun Shows are not Family Friendly Fact: Usually this is not the case. Most promoters actually offer a discount for children (usually under the ages of 12) and some promoters will even offer discounts for spouses! It’s even possible to attend a show that has activities for children. 7. Myth: Gun Shows are Dangerous Fact: The largest factor in gun-related injuries at a gun show is due to accidents. However small this percentage is, it’s still an issue. There’s a reason why promoters require all guns to be zip-tied, no ammo in the firearm(s), and an empty magazine. Never been to a gun show before? Follow these gun show tips. In addition, crime is typically below the local average at and during gun shows. Think about it. There are hundreds to thousands of armed citizens all within a building or two. Not to mention the Law Enforcement Officers, active military, retired military, concealed carry trainers and NRA trainers that all attend the show. 8. Myth: Gun Shows Cause an Increase in Gun Violence The National Criminal Justice Reference Service reports: Self-defense is the most commonly cited reason for acquiring a gun, but it is unclear how often these guns are used for self-protection against unprovoked attacks. Fact: False. Gun sales are at an all time high and gun crimes are dropping. This is actually relatively inconclusive on all accounts. Most reports on this issue gather from relatively small pools of data. Not to mention the majority of these reports do not decipher between gun-related defense and gun-related deaths (Take this report from NEBER.org as an example). 9. Myth: Firearm Gifting is Legal Fact: Gifting a firearm is not uncommon within pro-gun families. According to the ATF: “Mr. Smith asks Mr. Jones to purchase a firearm for Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith [then] gives Jones the money for the firearm.” This is not gifting. If “Mr. Brown goes to buy a firearm with his own money to give to Mr. Black as a present…” this is considered gifting. “However, you may not transfer a firearm to any person you know or have reasonable cause to believe is prohibited…” Even with the Supreme Court Ruling on June 16th, 2014, gifting is still legal. Using someone else’s money to purchase a firearm and then giving them said firearm is illegal. This is even true if they could legally own a firearm. A federal law banning the “straw” purchase of guns on behalf of others applies even to transactions where the person who ends up with the weapon could have legally acquired a firearm… 10. Myth: Guns can be Shipped from a Gun Show Fact: There are lots of stipulations to this. Basically, a firearm has to be mailed (UPS or FedEx) to a licensed FFL dealer. Example: A gun show attendee purchases a firearm from a private seller and wants it shipped out-of-state. The firearm needs to be shipped to a licensed FFL near the purchaser’s desired location.

PACK EXPO 2021-03-24 14:47:09

https://evoexhibits.com/trade-show-exhibits-for-pack-expo/ If you offer products in the packaging industry, the best place to be this year is the Pack Expo in Chicago. This event is a celebration of the best products in the packaging industry across a number of different sectors. Come with solid offerings and an attractive trade show booth to stand out in the marketplace. One key objective at any exhibition is to grow brand awareness and Pack Expo facilitates this. There will be media presence at the event looking for interesting products to showcase. Bring something noteworthy and you may receive free advertising! It can be daunting to ensure success at an exhibition if you have little experience as a company. Fortunately, you can overcome this issue with the help of Evo Exhibits. Our comprehensiveDiscover. Create. Connect. process involves learning about your company and showing it off in the most positive light at any trade show. Evo Exhibits will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit to formalize a workable strategy. ABOUT PACK EXPO Pack Expo is one of the best events of the year in the packaging industry — people travel around the world to attend. The organizers put on a great show and there is plenty to see. Expect 2,500+ top industry suppliers, 50,000 packaging professionals and over 100 free educational presentations. Learn about new developments and future trends straight from the experts. It is a fun way to break up the time between selling at your trade show booth and investing in the future by educating yourself. There will be a large focus on the packaging of the healthcare industry at Pack Expo. It will be of particular benefit for exhibitors that have products to offer in this sector of the marketplace. Furthermore, the 2020 Technology Excellence Awards will be held at the exhibition this year. Consider attending to see top companies receive recognition for their achievements — it may inspire you to follow in their footsteps. Evo creates a full service trade show experience for its’ clients at Pack Expo. Click on the image above to view the rest of AMK’s Pack Expo project images. WHO WILL ATTEND? Up to 50,000 prospects will be available at Pack Expo, and some of them are the key decision makers for their companies. Attendees from all around the globe will be there to see the latest and best offerings. Therefore, as an exhibitor, you must show off your best products to have a chance of capturing the attention of the crowd. It is estimated that 6 out of 10 attendees are either in management or engineering. Make connections with these individuals to secure mutually beneficial business relationships. Buyers from over 40+ vertical industries will be in attendance, giving you a chance to break into new industries you may have never set foot in before. WHO SHOULD EXHIBIT? Companies should exhibit at Pack Expo with competitive products to offer. Ideally, time the release of a new line of products to showcase on your trade show booth. The media at this event covers interesting new products and you will receive exposure as a result. Attend Pack Expo to take advantage of free educational sessions that inform about the latest developments and technologies. Be sure to check out the competition to see what you are up against. Pack Expo is a great way to get out of the routine office environment and drum up some business in an effective manner. Businesses may have more success in a few short days than in months trying to sell using other methods. Designed correctly, booths can be flexible enough to serve customers across industries. Placon utilized this Evo design at the NRA Show as well as at Pack Expo. TRADE SHOW BOOTH STRATEGY Your best chance of success at Pack Expo is to create a trade show booth that blows the competition out of the water. That may be easier said than done if you have little exhibiting experience, or your strategies have gotten stale. To point you in the right direction, here are some proven strategies to implement when setting up your booth: • Product Demonstrations: Show off your products in action. For example, if you sell machinery, allow it to perform intended functions for attendees to see how it works. Seeing the product in action can help convince potential buyers that your product works as described. They may visualize it in their own setup which will greatly increase the chance of a sale. • Social Media: Take advantage of social media opportunities. Consider creating a custom hashtag and encouraging people to use it for a special discount on their first order. • Branding: The trade show booth can be designed to show off your brand and illustrate the brand message. The use of images, your brand name, and logo can be a powerful way to associate your products with the brand. Attendees will leave the event remembering your brand and search for it online. • Informative: Before pulling the trigger on an order, potential buyers must first understand how your products work and why it would be beneficial to them. Create a booth that informs quickly and gets to the point. You will notice a higher amount of appreciation and engagement from attendees. The strategies above all work, but the devil is in the details. It can be hard to get it right without prior experience exhibiting at a trade show like Pack Expo. Evo Exhibits is a professional service that helps businesses have a successful trip to the trade show of their choosing. Invest in our services and you could be one of the hottest trade show booths at your next event. EVENT PROGRAM AND DETAILS Pack Expo will be held in Chicago, November 8-11th. The organizers have put on a bunch of side-events to take part in during the expo. Here are some of the notable highlights you should know about: Pavilions: A number of pavilions will be set up allowing you to see products related to a particular use. For example, “Showcase of Packaging Innovations” and “The Container and Materials” pavilions will be available for you to check out. Educational sessions: Various free education seminars in 30-minute time slots are organized. Each one tackles something new and innovative. Make the time to check these out and perhaps you will learn about how to steer your company to ensure a competitive advantage. PACK gives BACK: This is one of the biggest networking events for the industry. Mingle with this crowd to form strategic and mutually beneficial business relationships for years to come. CONCLUSION Opting to be one of the trade show exhibits for Pack Expo puts you in touch with a crowd of potential buyers for packaging products and services. By the end of the event you could acquire a ton of new loyal clients for your business. The array of educational sessions allows attendees to learn about the industry and facilitates the chance to mingle with other industry experts.


HOW TO DEVELOP A NAME FOR YOUR NEW CANNABIS COMPANYhttps://www.marijuanamarketingxperts.com/how-to-develop-a-name-for-your-new-cannabis-company/You have your business vision, a mission statement, ideas for products and services, and even a few fun slogans in mind ? but what about creating a name for your new cannabis company? The cannabis industry is still in its infancy, making it an exciting time to stake your claim as a new business. For business owners and marketers in the marijuana landscape, that means there?s plenty of room to get creative and choose a winning brand name.Odds are, when it comes to a cannabusiness name, you?re hoping to come up with something memorable, unique, and representative of your brand identity, which is quite a tall order. Choosing the right name for your cannabis company plays an important role in how consumers perceive your brand, how well you stand out from the competition, and, ultimately, your potential for long-term success. Naming your company should be approached with the same seriousness as any other aspect of your brand development strategy, and it?s key that you choose a solid name with excellent staying power. No pressure, right?Luckily, you don?t have to dive into the naming process unprepared. We?ve rounded up a series of questions to ask yourself before choosing a cannabusiness name, making it easier to tackle this monumental branding task. How can I describe the heart and soul of my company?Before you begin brainstorming names, first ask yourself what your business is all about. Just about every company owner has an idea of the brand they want to become, as well as the overall impact they hope to have on the industry. Jot down a few words or phrases that capture these ideas to get a clear picture of how to best represent your company in its chosen name. What does the future hold for my business?We get it ? you can?t exactly whip out a crystal ball and start predicting your cannabusiness future. But you need your company name to have staying power, so it?s key that you try to center it around an aspect of your business that you?re confident will be permanent. Business priorities and goals may shift from year to year, but your brand name should be able to withstand the test of time.For example, you may be opening a medical dispensary now, but if you have any inkling that it may eventually expand into a recreational dispensary, that?s important to keep in mind. In that scenario, you?d want to stay away from words that evoke images of the medical field, such as ?RX? or ?medical.? Instead, search for words that communicate the core of your company?s mission, which is unlikely to change dramatically. If you?re focused on providing 100 percent green certified products, maybe include the word ?clean green? or other holistic descriptive words in your brand name. Is the name easy to spell and remember?Creative, unique names are all well and good unless consumers can?t remember them ? or figure out how to type them into an Internet search bar. Keep your company?s name simple and straightforward, avoiding potentially confusing words or spellings. One of your most important marketing goals will be to encourage people to talk about your brand, but they can?t do that if they find it difficult to say, spell, or remember. What are the company names of my biggest competitors?One of the easiest ways to get a feel for good cannabis company names is to go through a list of all your biggest business competitors. You aren?t looking to copy their names, but rather learn from them. Work your way through the list and highlight ones that are appealing to you from a consumer perspective, then ask yourself why. Mark ones that turn you off, and consider exactly what it is about the name that doesn?t seem appealing. Use these notes to help you approach your naming process from an angle that keeps the consumer in mind. What is my company?s value proposition?A big part of your company?s success relies on your ability to figure out what sets you apart from the competition. What need are you serving that others aren?t? Does your brand provide something of value that no other company can? Do you offer consumers something completely unique? Here?s a hint: your answer should be a resounding yes. You don?t have to reinvent the wheel to figure out your company?s unique ?thing,? it can be something as simple as a particular element of the shopping experience or a certain niche you cater to. Whatever it is, try to figure out a way to communicate that value proposition in your name. What?s my brand personality?Developing a cohesive brand identity means figuring out exactly what you want the ?vibe? of your business to be, then applying that ideal across every aspect of branding, including your company name. Are you aiming for playful and laidback, professional and serious, or maybe somewhere in the middle? Whatever you want your brand personality to be, your cannabusiness name should clearly align with it. What name categories do I like the most?Most company names fall into one of four main categories: functional, inventive, experiential, or evocative. A functional name describes exactly what the company does, while experiential alludes to the experience the consumer will have. Evocative names don?t necessarily describe the brand as much as evoke a larger, representative idea, while inventive names create a made-up word that hints at relevant concepts and words. You might find yourself learning strongly towards one type or the other, which can help you narrow down your ideas considerably. Can I trademark the name?There?s nothing worse than going through the process of finding the perfect name, only to discover that somebody already has it. It?s important that you?re able to trademark and own your name, otherwise, you run the risk of other companies using it for themselves. Do your research before selecting your final choice to avoid having to start back at square one. What do my peers think about the name?Once you find a name you love, it?s time to get feedback. Chat with colleagues and friends, run a poll or survey on social media, or conduct paid audience testing. Their honest opinions can help you make any necessary refinements, as well as bring up potential strengths or weaknesses you didn?t notice before. Work through the feedback from every angle and focus on serving the specific needs of your business and future customer base.When you are ready to start your next marijuana store front, you should take a look at our new website that is specifically designed to help our customers choose the right cannabis display cabinets.

CANNABIS DISPLAY CASES 2020-11-27 00:29:12

JUMPING INTO THE HEMP AND CBD INDUSTRY? HERE ARE SOME STARTUP TIPS FOR YOUR BRANDhttps://www.marijuanamarketingxperts.com/jumping-into-the-hemp-and-cbd-industry-tips/There?s no doubt about it: the cannabis industry is really blooming. The past few years have seen a massive surge in the marijuana market, with both medical and recreational use being legalized in a growing number of states. And now, hemp and CBD are getting their time to shine, generating serious buzz for cannabusiness owners and consumers alike. If you?re considering starting your own brand in the hemp and CBD industry, there?s no time like the present. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds, holding considerable promise for entrepreneurs who are prepared to work hard and stake their claim.However, even though the cannabis industry offers incredible growth potential for new business owners, that doesn?t mean start-ups are immune to the risk of failure. Just like any new business, a hemp and CBD start-up brand requires an effective approach, good business sense, considerable work, and a willingness to power through obstacles. Luckily, a passion for the industry also counts for a lot and can help you learn the skills you need to find success.If you?ve been thinking about jumping into the hemp and CBD industry as a new cannabusiness owner, here are some useful startup tips for your brand:Create a Business PlanFor any type of entrepreneur, a clear, well-formulated plan is essential to success. Before you begin setting up your business, take the time to consider important topics like start-up costs, your target market, and how you?ll set yourself apart from the competition.Ask yourself: what will your hemp and CBD business offer that?s different? What needs in the market are you hoping to serve? These answers can help you formulate a clear business model for your new company.Start Thinking About Your Brand IdentityThe value of a distinct brand identity should never be underestimated, especially when you?re a part of the hemp and CBD industry. There are new hemp and CBD companies starting up every day, and you?ll need to distinguish yourself from the crowd to avoid getting lost. Consumers are searching for companies with a distinct ?personality,? one that makes the brand seem interesting, relatable, and trustworthy.There are different options for creating your brand identity in the hemp and CBD market, and you should choose one that seems like the best fit for you. One way to go about this is to think about a series of words that describe the ?feeling? you want your brand to have. For example, do you want to be described as ?laidback,? ?relatable,? and ?fun,? or would you prefer ?scientific,? serious,? and ?expert??The route you choose is entirely up to you, but it?s important that your brand identity be clearly present in every aspect of your company, including its name, logo, marketing materials, and website content.Learn About the Necessities of Running a Hemp and CBD BusinessThe most fun parts of starting your own brand are usually the more creative elements: designing a business vision, coming up with your company name, and choosing your products and services. However, there are other parts of starting a company that requires equal attention, even if they might not seem as interesting.First, you?ll need to establish a legal business entity to protect yourself personally from any legal issues you may encounter in the future. Then, there are state and federal taxes to register for, as well as a business banking account to set up. You may want to consider investing in high-quality accounting software or even professional accounting services, to make sure all costs and expenses are properly handled. An accountant is a particularly worthwhile investment in your first year or so of business because a professional can help you decipher complicated tax laws and other aspects of your company?s financials.In order to legally operate your business, you?ll need to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. These might vary depending on what time of business you?re planning to run. For example, are you considering a brick-and-mortar store or an online-only store? Consider setting up business insurance, which is not necessarily required (depending on your business) but is highly recommended. And of course, because you?re planning to open a business in the cannabis industry, it?s critical that you educate yourself on the laws and regulations that apply to you ? otherwise, you run the risk of serious legal trouble before you even begin.Partner with Cannabis Marketing ProfessionalsMarketing any type of business is a dedicated science of sorts, but cannabis advertising is an art all its own. Because there are specific regulations imposed on the industry, most of which other business types don?t have to deal with, creating a successful marketing strategy takes specific expertise. While it?s not impossible to navigate the complicated waters of cannabis marketing on your own, the best option is usually to work with a professional marketing agency, specifically one that specializes in cannabis advertising.One of the industry?s leading agencies is Marijuana Marketing Xperts, a full-service company that offers everything you need to get your products and services in front of the right consumers. Together, you can develop an effective cannabis digital marketing strategy, combining elements such as cannabis SEO, social media, and website design.While the average person (or business owner) might not have access to the tools and resources needed for strategic consumer targeting, data analysis, and other marketing strategies, an experienced agency like Marijuana Marketing Xperts will ? and they?ll know how to use them to your advantage.Get Listed in an Industry-Specific DirectoryIt goes without saying that one of the most important keys to cannabusiness success is establishing a clear link between your company and your target consumers. Various marketing strategies focus on establishing that connection, but another way to accomplish this goal is to work with an agency that can get you listed in a cannabis-specific directory.For example, Herban Planet is one of the best-known listing directories in the industry, combining business listings with educational resources, and event calendar and a blog to give consumers a one-stop-shop to explore their cannabis interests. Consumers are able to get informed on the topic and search for businesses that suit their specific needs ? ideally, browsing a list that includes your company name. A professional agency like Marijuana Marketing Xperts can help you figure out how to join a reputable directory, as well as how to formulate your listing for optimum results.If you decide you would like to purchase your Marijuana Display Cases from us directly, please visit our dedicated website atwww.CannabisDisplayCases.com

Tips to Save Money on Trade Show Services 2020-10-12 16:00:49

Show services can account for up to 14% of a company?s overall exhibiting expenditures for a trade show. While perhaps not the most exciting topic to dig into, it?s critical to understand the logistics of exhibiting at a trade show. What falls under the umbrella of ?show services?? What is ?drayage?? We?ve got answers to your questions and some tips on how you can save money on trade show services. HOT TIP! One unanimous piece of advice from our sales team is to plan ahead and order all relevant show services before the deadline. Doing so will save you money and headaches. You?d be surprised how often this becomes an issue! Here?s a table that will help guide you as you think through the show services aspect of your budgeting: Shipping & Handling Shipping Includes: Transporting exhibit, accessories, promo items Good to Know: Shipping quotes are good for 30 days; plan ahead so items arrive on time; ship hanging signs, carpet, gang boxes and tools to the advance warehouse so they are there early and ready for the labor crews to get started. Note: don?t forget about shipping insurance! Savings Opportunity: Does the exhibit house have other clients going to the same show? If all agree to a ship date, they can share a truckload. Drayage / Handling Includes: Unloading the trade show freight and transporting items to the booth space, removing empty shipping items (such as crates and pallets) from the booth space, temporarily storing empty shipping items during the show, returning empty shipping items once the show is over, transferring the freight back to the loading dock, and loading the items into the delivery vehicle. Good to Know: The cost of drayage is pre-set and you have no options to negotiate the price or go with a less expensive service. These costs are decided ahead of time by the show organizers and the show?s general service contractor. Drayage can be expensive because all trade shows require that you use their exclusive union labor services for items that are delivered to your booth. Savings Opportunity: Be PREPARED! You never want to send multiple shipments as there is an expensive minimum drayage fee and it will be applied to every separate shipment. It can add thousands of dollars to your bill? Ouch! Installation / Dismantle Includes: Booth setup and tear down, as well as rigging for hanging signs and any items suspended from the ceiling. Good to Know: Shows require only approved EAC?s (Exhibit Appointed Contractors) to set up exhibits, displays and signage. Exhibit Systems works with the best EAC?s to ensure your exhibit properties, flooring, lighting, signage and rigging are completed when you need them. This is not as simple as it may sound. Our logistics team excels at navigating the rules so clients are happy, not standing in their booth frustrated. Learn more. Savings Opportunity: Avoid weekend days (if possible) for union labor, overtime costs are a budget zapper. Electrical / Internet Includes: Electrical (lighting, power outlets, technology) and Internet services. Good to Know: Only licensed electricians can set-up and dismantle electrical wiring and connections in your exhibit. Remember to schedule time for electrical before you schedule a set-up crew to your booth. Savings Opportunity: When you plan your exhibit, understand how the booth will be wired at a show and communicate where you expect electrical devices, including lighting in the exhibit. Our design team can create the electrical plan for your exhibit so surprises at a show are only the good kind. Flooring / Furniture Includes: Carpet, padding and furniture; amortize if using at multiple shows. Good to Know: Remember to schedule time for flooring before you schedule a set-up crew to your booth. Flooring should always be included if shipping to advance warehouse. Your exhibit will not be set up until the flooring is in place. Savings Opportunities: We recommend you rent furniture versus buying to lessen storage fees in between events and allow you flexibility to make furniture swaps easier. However, if you have custom pieces built, such as a welcome or reception counter, those you will need to own.

Trade Show Success Strategies: How to Make Your Booth Stand Out 2020-09-10 17:49:14

https://nimloktradeshowmarketing.com/how-to-make-your-booth-stand-out/ The trade show floor can be a difficult and very competitive place to gain the attention of your desired visitors. For trade show success and to meet your return on investment (ROI), one of your best chances to create brand awareness and draw in your desired target audience is with a fantastic booth design. There seem to be endless possibilities when it comes to trade show booth design. These trade show success strategies will help prepare you for a successful trade show or event and help make your booth stand out. Booth Design The first step to a great booth exhibit is your booth design. If you really want to make an impact, it?s a great idea to work with a company that specializes in designing and building custom exhibits that are tailored to your needs, budget and timeline. Inline, Perimeter, Peninsula, Island ? which configuration and style is right for you? The answer depends on your exhibit space, trade show goals, timeline and budget. Reach out to a solutions expert to guide and assist you. By doing so, your vision will become a reality and it is the first step in setting yourself apart from the competition. Need help finding a qualified expert to assist you? Nimlok?s expertise is second to none! Find a dealer now. Graphics Stunning graphics are a staple item in impressive exhibits. Brand imaging and company messages must be portrayed with the appeal and power necessary to gain the attention of trade show attendees. Whether it?s a banner stand, back wall or hanging structure, there are some guidelines that you should follow. Working with your exhibit designer will ease the process of knowing what graphics, colors and sizes are best suited for your displays. From pantone colors to fonts to file types and more, it?s a crucial element that can?t be overlooked. Here is a handy guide for everything you need to know about trade show graphics. Flooring Flooring is an often overlooked component of trade show planning. This attention to detail will give your booth a coordinated and more cohesive appearance that better represents your brand personality and style. More often than not, the trade show floor is awkward and does not match your booth space. It is important to take into account the type of flooring you will use (carpet, foam padded, vinyl, etc.) and to make sure that the floor you choose enhances your booth and doesn?t detract from it. Relying on the generic show flooring can be a big mistake. Keep in mind, a lot of people will be walking on your booth floor so take into account the durability of the flooring type as well as comfort ? after all your staff will be spending a lot of time there and their feet will thank you. Lighting Trade show lighting shouldn?t be relied on as a means to light up your booth. Being creative with lighting can really help you accentuate main demonstration or focus areas of your booth. Lighting is very important to help make your booth stand out. Backlighting is simply illuminating a material or image from behind or within. This is an important trade show technique to help attract attention. By incorporating backlighting, your signage or display is more visible from longer distances ? helping to attract the attendees? eyes to your booth. LED lighting seems to be everywhere today and that is no different on the trade show floor. Traditional incandescent lights often tend to give off a yellow hue, which can alter details. LEDs, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility to select tones that match the mood you are trying to create. Not only do LEDs offer more lighting options, they also allow you to be more ?green.? Illuminating any interactive elements or display cases is another way to draw the attendees? attention to your booth. Make sure the lighting you choose reflects your company?s brand image and draws focus to where it should be. Elements Accessories can make or break the booth. From stands to holders to interactive areas, make sure you spend some time thinking about how to truly make your booth unique and memorable. You?ve got a great looking booth that attracted visitors, now keep them there! Read on for more tips to make your booth stand out. One of the best and most engaging ways to accessorize your space is with the use of an interactive trade show design. Whether it?s a game, scavenger hunt, photo booth or raffle, having some type of interactivity will encourage attendees to visit your booth and captivate the crowd to stick around to learn a little more about you. Anything that?s fun and breaks up the monotony of walking the show floor will be a welcome distraction. AV and tech are always great to incorporate into booth design for help capture attention. TV monitors, iPads, virtual reality and more are great ways to help advertise, promote, educate, impress and foster interactivity. Besides interactive activities, other accessories could include stands and holders, counters or kiosks. Kiosks are great for a TV or iPad display that could encourage passersby to stop and take a look by showcasing product highlights, browsing a product catalog or playing a video. Counters and stands offer a nice area for informal conversation between your booth staff and attendees. They also can be turned into charging stations where attendees can stop for a quick charge. Holders are a great option for literature such as brochures, catalogs, etc.

Tips to Save Money on Trade Show Services 2020-07-17 15:37:05

Tips to Save on Show Services Show services can account for up to 14% of a company?s overall exhibiting expenditures for a trade show. While perhaps not the most exciting topic to dig into, it?s critical to understand the logistics of exhibiting at a trade show. What falls under the umbrella of ?show services?? What is ?drayage?? We?ve got answers to your questions and some tips on how you can save money on trade show services. HOT TIP! One unanimous piece of advice from our sales team is to plan ahead and order all relevant show services before the deadline. Doing so will save you money and headaches. You?d be surprised how often this becomes an issue! Here?s a table that will help guide you as you think through the show services aspect of your budgeting: Shipping & Handling Shipping Includes: Transporting exhibit, accessories, promo items Good to Know: Shipping quotes are good for 30 days; plan ahead so items arrive on time; ship hanging signs, carpet, gang boxes and tools to the advance warehouse so they are there early and ready for the labor crews to get started. Note: don?t forget about shipping insurance! Savings Opportunity: Does the exhibit house have other clients going to the same show? If all agree to a ship date, they can share a truckload. Drayage / Handling Includes: Unloading the trade show freight and transporting items to the booth space, removing empty shipping items (such as crates and pallets) from the booth space, temporarily storing empty shipping items during the show, returning empty shipping items once the show is over, transferring the freight back to the loading dock, and loading the items into the delivery vehicle. Good to Know: The cost of drayage is pre-set and you have no options to negotiate the price or go with a less expensive service. These costs are decided ahead of time by the show organizers and the show?s general service contractor. Drayage can be expensive because all trade shows require that you use their exclusive union labor services for items that are delivered to your booth. Savings Opportunity: Be PREPARED! You never want to send multiple shipments as there is an expensive minimum drayage fee and it will be applied to every separate shipment. It can add thousands of dollars to your bill? Ouch! Installation / Dismantle Includes: Booth setup and tear down, as well as rigging for hanging signs and any items suspended from the ceiling. Good to Know: Shows require only approved EAC?s (Exhibit Appointed Contractors) to set up exhibits, displays and signage. Exhibit Systems works with the best EAC?s to ensure your exhibit properties, flooring, lighting, signage and rigging are completed when you need them. This is not as simple as it may sound. Our logistics team excels at navigating the rules so clients are happy, not standing in their booth frustrated. Learn more. Savings Opportunity: Avoid weekend days (if possible) for union labor, overtime costs are a budget zapper. Electrical / Internet Includes: Electrical (lighting, power outlets, technology) and Internet services. Good to Know: Only licensed electricians can set-up and dismantle electrical wiring and connections in your exhibit. Remember to schedule time for electrical before you schedule a set-up crew to your booth. Savings Opportunity: When you plan your exhibit, understand how the booth will be wired at a show and communicate where you expect electrical devices, including lighting in the exhibit. Our design team can create the electrical plan for your exhibit so surprises at a show are only the good kind. Flooring / Furniture Includes: Carpet, padding and furniture; amortize if using at multiple shows. Good to Know: Remember to schedule time for flooring before you schedule a set-up crew to your booth. Flooring should always be included if shipping to advance warehouse. Your exhibit will not be set up until the flooring is in place. Savings Opportunities: We recommend you rent furniture versus buying to lessen storage fees in between events and allow you flexibility to make furniture swaps easier. However, if you have custom pieces built, such as a welcome or reception counter, those you will need to own.

Corner Display Cases 2020-03-17 18:05:37

Corner display cases are perfect for saving space in your store, they can be customized in shape and size, so no matter what you wish to showcase you can use a corner display case. If you like to showcase a full collection you can add as many shelves as you need. You can also add some led lighting that will let your costumers appreciate every detail. We manufacture display cases with top quality materials and flawless finishes. For more information, please call us!

Pedestal Display Cases 2020-02-24 14:48:39

Pedestal display cases can also showcase awards and memorabilia.School offices are great for showing off trophies, awards, and other student achievements. Accentuating academic or athletic accolades generally helps promote pride and school spirit. For the same reason, corporate offices also frequently share plaques, prototypes and early models and other successes with employees, vendors and visiting guests.Private collectors choose to exhibit their personal collections, memorabilia displays or other one-of-a-kind collectibles with visitors to their homes.Pedestal display cases are meant for individual objects that require more attention. The extensive variety of finishes and configurations gives shoppers the solutions that exude sophistication and class. You can choose from different materials and finishes depending on the style you wish to accomplish. For more information, please give us a call!

Tower display cases 2020-02-19 16:34:15

Tower display cases are great for retail objects, as a collectibles exhibit, and as a jewelry display. You can custom size and shape (hexagon, octagon & square shape). Totally adjustable shelving, locking doors, and additional storage cabinets, with either overhead lighting, side track lighting or both. Manufactured with top quality materials and flawless finishes. If you need more information, please give us a call!

Glass Display Cases 2020-02-06 19:17:57

There are also many other types of display cases. But other display cases have not as much advantage like glass display cases. For example, metal display cases are very heavy in case of weight therefore you cannot move them easily. Plus, metal displays cannot be cleaned easily. But most shopkeepers use a combination of metal, plastic, and glass display cases. There should be a balance among all your display cases. As a shopkeeper, you should avoid overfilling of any display case. There should also be the rotation among your display cases and your products. This is a good practice to save time and money.

Hexagonal showcases 2020-01-22 19:35:24

Hexagonal Showcases are commonly used in retail stores, perfect for displaying gifts items and smaller products, due they feature smaller windows. Hexagonal showcases feature full glass, or laminate with anodized aluminum frame and the windows help in convenient display. Available with various finishes with optional side track lighting and security lock, you can customize size and shelving. Just contact us for more information!

How can you be sure you?ll be getting exactly what you need? 2020-01-08 15:15:09

Custom Showcases manufacture display cases according to detailed rendered 3D drawings that are forwarded to the customer for prior approval. Once the order confirmation and drawings are approved and signed off by the customer and the down payment has been received, the display cases are then manufactured according to the approved drawings. And even before shipping, our customers receive photographs of their displays before they leave one of our manufacturing facilities. For more information, please call us!

Trophy Display cases 2019-12-19 17:40:41

Our Trophy Display Cases are manufactured with top quality materials, and flawless finishes. Perfect for displaying awards and prizes with a sophisticated taste. With a wide variety of shapes and colors, you can custom the size to any piece you wish to exhibit. Perfect for schools, and residential use. Please call us for more information!

Custom museum showcases 2019-12-18 17:00:01

Museum showcases are essential for the preservation of different objects, a great option for collectors. In them, it is possible to store exact replicas of many objects, costumes and even paintings. Museum display cabinets can be customized in their size and supports. Our finishes are the best and can be from wood to full glass, we have different conservation control systems. One of them is the control of temperature or humidity where your objects can be kept intact. In addition, LED lights can be added. For more information, just contact us!

Retail carts 2019-11-29 15:40:28

If you want to start a business, you must think about Retail Carts. Due they are multipurpose, you can display any kind of merchandise, due they can be custom made, you can design it for your own needs. They are eye-catching, so you will attract customers right away. If you intend to grow your business, you can even make a chain, with several carts. Creating a chain of carts where you offer your products will make much easier for people to recognize you. If you want a customized cart, contact us, we can help you!

Showcases for you 2019-11-12 18:09:52

Custom showcases has the largest selection of showcases and display cases for your business, unique designs with high functionality that'll satisfied your needs, guaranteeing the best exposure for your merchandise. Just contact us for more information!

Display Cases in any size, color or shape 2019-10-22 23:04:14

At Custom Showcases we build Display Cases for all these categories: Jewelry Display Showcases, Mannequin Display Cases, Counter Top Display Cases, Suspended Display Cases, Wall Mounted Display Cases, Tower Display Cases, Freestanding Display Cases, Counter Display Cases, Museum Display Cases, Tower Display Cases, Hexagonal Display Cases and many many more. If your looking to have a Display Cases made that you have not seen anywhere, please contact us and we will design it for you.

Hexagonal showcases 2019-09-12 19:51:14

Hexagonal showcases are perfect for decorating a miscellaneous. In them it is possible to store all kinds of small or large objects. Sometimes they are more used in stationery stores, within these keep or display from notebooks to professional calligraphy pens. Another very common use is when these miscellaneous stores sell electronic devices, inside the hexagonal showcases display their chargers, covers and even accessories for each type of cell phone. The main characteristic of this showcase is that it spins around to see all its contents.

Wall display cabinets and uses! 2019-09-05 02:39:24

Wall display cabinets are a perfect option to start collecting without any pretext. Contrary to what is believed, this type of showcases usually have great advantages, the main one is that they do not take up space at the moment of installing them since they are placed in the wall. Another advantage is that they can be deep to store not only an object, but more than you think. Their finishes can be the most elegant and fine or the simplest for a business.

Hexagonal display cabinets for back to school! 2019-08-16 02:30:52

Hexagonal display cabinets are a great option for distributing a variety of products in your business. It is common to see them in stationery stores where all kinds of utensils are exhibited. In these cases, it is ideal. Due to the return to classes, they could be a great option to promote various packages and even with a discount. In other cases, they are used so that people can visualize an object in its entirety and turn it around themselves. These showcases usually include LED lights that allow you to highlight your products.

Showcases in United States 2019-08-13 23:53:47

We have several types of showcases, in addition to our designs are completely customized for you. We ship nationwide and all our showcases are pure quality. We have from our own designs to those of our customers, not to mention that we have a wide variety of finishes and types of glass.

Wall-mounted display cabinets as a option for space optimization! 2019-08-13 23:50:33

Wall-mounted display cabinets are a great option with space optimization. It is known that these showcases are known to avoid removing space but have the bad reputation of not being able to be used anywhere. However, in these cases, they are ideal for all kinds of interiors. They can be used to store different objects or display collections, an example could be to have it in the room of the smallest of the home and keep there the most expensive toys. There is even security to prevent theft. Just contact us!

Custom showcases at the best price 2019-07-31 04:32:52

Our customization service is perfect for all types of clients. Our custom showcases are made by you and your designs are what allow us to expand. We have pre-engineered designs for the less demanding business. In addition, all our showcases have satisfaction guarantee and the security that you need. Just contact us for more!

Counter display cabinets 2019-07-19 04:37:40

Counter display cabinets are perfect to keep in various businesses. One of the best uses is as an exhibitor. In pharmacies it is common to notice these showcases and above all, in groceries. Our counter display cabinets have various amenities such as divided sections. In addition to all this, we include in the price the guarantee.

Custom vitrines for work 2019-07-05 21:53:50

Custom showcases are great options for business and home. Within the exhibitions in fairs they are also useful because all kinds of artifacts will be able to be stored. Your sections will be the necessary ones and will be established by you. In addition, we offer an extended warranty on all of our showcases. Just contact us for more information!

Custom showcases and quality! 2019-06-14 11:49:08

Here, in custom showcases you will find all kinds of customization for your showcases. We are manufacturers and we offer quality and security at the moment of buying our showcases. The customization of your showcases is essential for us. We are manufacturers, just contact us.

High quality hexagonal showcases 2019-05-30 00:52:53

Hexagonal showcases are a great option to highlight certain places in the home. You can place family photos or various prized objects of each family. Even relics. In businesses, the hexagonal showcases serve to have a variety of products without place or specific thematic. It is quite eye-catching thanks to its LED lights that will decorate every part of your showcase. Our showcases are guaranteed the quality that distinguishes us. Just contact us for more!

Museum display cabinets in USA 2019-05-21 03:29:40

The museum showcases are an excellent option to buy with us, we have a variety that includes from temperature control to those that are dustproof. Our showcases are made with the best materials on the market and their finishes will be designed by you. If you have any question or do you want a suggestion, just contact us!

The best showcases in USA 2019-05-21 03:25:54

The best showcases in the United States are with us, we are manufacturers and distributors. Our showcases are available for anyone and your materials are the best, not to mention that our prices are totally affordable. We manufacture everything from museum showcases to hexagonal showcases for small or miscellaneous businesses.

Showcases in California 2019-04-20 02:06:18

Showcases made in California are synonymous with quality. We have an incredible attention, manufacture, materials and design. Whenever you think about what you want to sell, we do it thanks to our wide range of showcases. Your designs are special to us because they serve as a base for other customers. We are at your service and remember: if you design it, we do it.

Custom Glass Display Showcases - Backlit 2019-04-02 01:31:00

Attached is a photo of a custom glass showcase we made for a movie company located in LA.

Custom Showcases - Las Vegas Nevada 2019-04-02 01:13:22

We recently made some custom showcases for Roadwerx. These cases were shipped last week to Las Vegas Nevada where it will be used to display the costumes of Aerosmith over these many years. www.Aerosmith.com www.CustomShowcases.com


Over 30 years ago our company Custom Showcases & Displays Inc was started by 2 very determinant carpenters who wanted to build high quality store fixtures for businesses and museums in Canada. As the years passed our company started to specialize in the designing and manufacturing of custom glass showcases only and this specialty has always remained our bread and butter until today. Our customers include BMW, GM, Audi, US Military, US Coast Guard, Homeland Security, American Red Cross, NASA, Disney and many others. We became the best because we are the best skilled team in the display case industry today.

Mannequin showcases 2019-03-15 18:25:05

Mannequin display cabinets are always a perfect choice when we have businesses or museums. With us you will always have both options in one: thanks to our customization service you will be able to create the desired showcase. In addition to all this, we offer a wide variety of crystals and manufacturing materials. Just contact us!

Corner showcases 2019-03-12 23:46:48

The corner display cabinets are ideal for all kinds of business, but mainly for offices and houses. In both cases, they are used to fill a space that needs to be filled. Due to the different materials with which they are made, they can be adjusted to many types of walls, color and space. Contact us if you need one!

Uniform showcases 2019-02-16 01:13:41

Uniform display cabinets are ideal for displaying an entire set and its combinations. The default measurements are 1.80 cm long and 50 cm wide. The mannequins can be placed in different ways inside the display case and their full view is perfect for appreciating every detail on the clothing. If you want a showcase, just contact us!

High security LED display case 2019-02-05 00:17:53

Full vision showcase with reinforced glass to prevent theft, includes in each of its corners security cameras made for monitoring the object. The base is counterweight and is essential, because if there is something abnormal inside the cabinet, the security system will be activated immediately.

Showcases and quality 2019-01-30 01:43:58

Quality is something ideal that we treat with all our products: it's incredible how there are companies that don't see it that way. With us you will always have the security that there will be good materials behind all your product, in addition to the enormous satisfaction that we offer you. Remember that we have the best warranty and the product, if not what you expected, you can let us know.

Showcases 2019-01-22 21:33:51

In our company you will find a wide range of pre-determined designs just for you. The designs you choose will always be manufactured with the total quality that characterizes us. In addition to this catalog you will always have the last word, allowing us to see your designs and please that request. Thousands of customers support us.

Portfolio of GLASS SHOWCASES 2019-01-03 16:51:09

Our portfolio of glass custom made showcases is very impressive. Many of the fortune 500 companies have ordered glass display showcases from us over the last 25 plus years. http://www.customexhibitgroup.com/portfolio-exhibit-cases.html

CUSTOM EXHIBIT GROUP 2019-01-03 16:48:39

Custom Display Cases, CustomShowcases and much more.With the recent openings of our new factory locations in Dallas Texas, Miami Florida and our modern looking head office in Toronto Ontario, we have literally tripled our production capabilities for our lines of custom display cases which also includes our standard line of glass display cases such as jewelry displays, optical cabinets, freestanding showcases, wall display cases, counter top display cabinets, pedestal cases, cash desks, computer counters and many other custom display case fixtures.Our factories are equipped to adjust and modify the dimensions of all our display case models, which means height, depth and width can be anything you require. The glass display area can also be made to the sizing of your own specifications. Adding additional glass shelves to your custom display cases or standard line glass cabinets is also possible and this is often also one of the most common requests. When it comes to the latest LED lighting fixtures we have the capabilities to equip your custom display cabinets with additional LED puck lights, Light Bars or side lights. The bottom area of your custom showcases (Base) can also be made shorter or taller. Additional options such as mirror decks, pull out drawers, mirror back doors, jewelry display boards, fabric bottoms are items that can all be included in your custom display cabinets.Our team can provide you or your company with fully completed custom showcases and glass cabinets which also includes full retail store projects, museums and galleries. Our large wall cabinets often include features such as storage compartments, moldings, dividers, additional glass shelves and even shelves that are slanted.Different dimensions, radiuses and even curved jewelry display cabinets will be made normally as part of a full jewelry island or kiosk. Our custom showcases often include exhibit panels in the back which are also normally also included in our school bulletin boards, wall mounted showcases and shadow boxes. For the retail stores and shops in the USA, straight linear and rounded towers and counters are usually the first choice and for galleries and museums rectangular counters and archival display cases are the most common request. These display cases are all build according to highly specific line drawings and renderings that are made by our designers. These detailed drawings of your custom display showcases must be approved by you or your team before we can start building these glass cabinets.Our team are well trained experts in the display and exhibit industry and we will at all times provide you and your team with the best display case designs and advice, so you are able to make a very informed decision when you are ready to proceed with your order. We fully understand that most of our clients work within strict budgets and that is something we respect. We will always strive to make sure that your custom display cabinets are made within that exact budget, so there will be no surprises. The ultimate completion of your display case project will prove to you that working with a custom manufacturer of glass showcases, such as our company was the right decision. Your satisfaction is our guideline to achieve and we have become very good at this.Our 3 factory locations are fitted with the correct tools and machines that allow us to manufacture a wide range of high quality custom made display showcases but also medium and large custom store projects that include glass cabinets. Our well trained staff will work with the information you provided them with such as sketches, drawings, samples and even blue prints. With all this information our team will diligently and quickly provide you with our own set of CAD renderings and line drawings.Our specialty is building the highest quality glass showcases and custom display cabinets for our customers. These display fixtures are made for various industries and customers and include such cases as jewelry showcases, floor display cabinets, shadow boxes, wall display cases, countertops and our cash and computer counters. With a wide range of domestic and imported laminates to choose from, you will always a color or finish that you had in mind. Specialty veneers and stained finishes are also available but will cost a little extra and this should be quoted separately. Some of our jewelry display case models can be constructed using creative legs and specialty hardware such as high security locks, extra thick tempered glass, low iron glass, sandblasted glass and the latest LED light fixtures.CUSTOM EXHIBIT GROUP INC is the only REAL custom display case manufacture in the USA and CANADA that can literally build you any kind of glass showcase or cabinet within your budget.Our reputation speaks for itself and it has been shaped by the many years of work and experience in the display industry. Our company learned early on that quality, integrity, customer service, customer loyalty, good pricing and fast delivery will guarantee a very happy customer.www.CustomExhibitGroup.com

MANNEQUIN SHOWCASES 2019-01-03 16:45:44

These great looking mannequin showcases were just completed and shipped to a School in California.

CABLE CONFERENCE - SHOW 2019-01-03 16:44:28

Does anyone need glass display showcases for your next Trade Show? If so, Contact Custom Showcases right now and receive the Q1 discount you will be eligible. https://10times.com/cable-conference-at-ces

HOME REMODELING 2019-01-03 16:42:40

Home Remodeling & Decorating Show will feature a wide range of products and services here such as innovative home improvement products and services, decorative products and services, home furnishings products and many more related products and etc. https://10times.com/home-remodeling-decorating-showst-george

The OUTDOOR Expo - 2019 2019-01-03 16:41:34

"Everything for your Outdoor Recreation plans in one location on one weekend!" The Ultimate Outdoor Recreation Expo is a 2 day event being held at the Dixie Convention Center in St. George, United States. Tons of Outdoor Recreation ideas and opportunities all on one great weekend in one great location! Over 25 FREE hands-on activities and workshops that will help your family find their new "Outdoor Recreation Passion" together! Looking for something new to do together as a family? You will find it here at this awesome event! Try archery, fishing, hunting, dutch oven cooking, mountaineering, camping, boating, paddle boards, kayaks, fly fishing, and so much more. If it's done in the outdoors, it's here at the expo! Highlights Over 25 FREE Hands-on activities and workshops for all ages! Ninja Obstacle Course for all skill levels Fly tying and Fly Fishing instruction https://10times.com/ultimate-outdoor-expo

Retail mall Carts 2018-11-22 05:31:33

In Custom Showcases we have a special line of retail carts. Each of our models is manufactured with the best materials to guarantee your investment. They have LED lighting, storage and display areas. Request our electronic catalog and choose the one that best suits your business. Contact us via phone or chat and we will gladly assist you.

Affordable Wall mounted Showcases 2018-11-20 07:29:16

These showcases are ideal for displaying products in small spaces. They can be fixed to the wall and contain different types of products. The wall mounted showcases are often used to display trophies, medals and retail sales. All our showcases and store fixtures can be manufactured according to your needs. You can add tempered glass shelves, sliding or hinge doors, LED lighting and locks. Choose from our large selection of finishes: solid color laminates, metallic, architectural or wood textures. If you want more information, contact us through our live chat, we will gladly assist you.

Custom-made Showcases 2018-10-23 07:29:03

We are specialists in the manufacture of custom showcases. We have manufactured showcases, displays, counters, kiosks and carts for more than three decades. Each client that contacts us is guided by our team of consultants for the manufacture of their showcases. Our design team will take you step by step to design your showcase: height, width, depth, laminates, colors, lighting, glass shelves and storage areas. With us you decide every detail of your showcases. At the same time, our team of specialists will advise you on the technical specifications to guarantee the proper manufacura of each exhibitor. If you want more information about our design process or want to buy a customized showcase, call us, we will help you.

Showcases with Warranty 2018-10-15 03:37:56

We are dedicated to the manufacture of showcases of the best quality. We have been working in the industry for more than 25 years and during this time we have perfected our manufacturing system. We are convinced that we are your best option to buy showcases. We have a team of specialists that is divided into 3 large groups: sales, design and manufacturing. They are responsible for making all the showcases that you imagine come true. The proper functioning of this work team allows us to guarantee our showcases. You can be completely sure that when you buy with us, you are buying a high quality showcase. All our showcases are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Come with our specialists to verify that we are your best option. Call us and request a quote, we can make any showcase for you.

Pedestal display cases in Chicago 2018-10-15 03:36:48

Beautiful showcases for its characteristic design. These showcases are designed with a special base. We can make quadrangular bases, bases with long legs, bases with bevels and special structures or bases with moldings. The pedestal showcases serve to give a more elegant appearance to your store. Commonly used for stores of recognized brands, jewelry stores, watch stores, eyeglass stores and more. They are always an excellent option to highlight your products. In addition to these showcases we can also offer: tower showcases, suspended cabinets, hexagonal cabinets, octagonal showcases, hanging showcases, wall upright showcases and many more. If you are imagined a showcase and you do not see it in our gallery, contact us, we can make any design for you.

Pedestal Showcases in Los Angeles 2018-09-29 02:35:00

We have a great coverage throughout North America. This has allowed us to send a batch of 5 pedestal showcases to the city of Los Angeles in California. This order was manufactured in white laminate with 4mm glass and LED lighting inside. Each of these showcases was packed very carefully to prevent any part from being damaged in the shipment. It arrived in perfect conditions as it happens with 99.6% of our shipments. If you want a pedestal showcase like this, contact us, our assistants await your call.

Elegant Tower Showcases in Atlanta 2018-09-19 04:57:12

Elegant tower display case with black finishes and aluminum extrusion. This showcase is manufactured with the highest quality materials. After an intense design work we have manufactured this beautiful showcase. The showcase has LED lighting certified under the UL standards. It also has a hinge door with lock and key included. If you are looking for a tower display case like this, you can call us: (866) 980 4272

The Best Quality Showcases 2018-09-09 04:52:48

We are manufacturers of the best exhibitors and showcases in North America. We have manufactured showcases for more than 20 years, shipping our products to the 51 states of the United States. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that each of your showcases is made with the best materials and finishes, just as you want it. Within our variety of showcases we can mention: tower showcases, hexagonal showcases, octagonal showcases, pedestal showcases, wall cabinets, display cabinets, retail mall kiosks, retail mall carts and many more. If you are looking for the best showcases for your business, contact us, we can help you.

CUSTOM SHOWCASES - MADE IN TEXAS 2018-08-29 12:40:08

Over the last few years the production of our custom made showcases that are made in Texas has grown by leaps and bounds. Customer have a clear choice these days in having their glass showcases purchased from Chinese suppliers that offer limited choice or having these glass showcases made to customer specification. When the price difference is little the choice becomes very easy to make. At CUSTOM SHOWCASES we pride ourselves making incredible glass showcases for industries such as Jewelry, Museums and Galleries, Non Profit, Universities and Colleges and Fortune 500 companies.

Retail Kiosks 2018-08-20 11:02:46

Kiosks for retail sale. In Custom Showcases we have a special line of kiosks. Each of our models is manufactured with the best materials to guarantee your investment. They have LED lighting, storage and display areas. Request our electronic catalog and choose the one that best suits your business. Contact us via phone or chat and we will gladly assist you.

Showcases made in the United States, Canada and Mexico 2018-08-05 07:06:42

We have been working in the industry for more than 20 years. This allows us to offer the best service based on our experience. We manufacture all our showcases with the best quality materials and always deliver at the agreed time. Our head office is located in Toronto, Canada. We also have factories in Laredo, Texas and one more, in Mexico. Each of our showcases is guaranteed against factory defects. Do not think twice and call to request a free quote.

Custom Designed Kiosks and Carts 2018-08-01 04:29:28

Thank you for contacting us. We have attached the link to our kiosk and carts catalogs for you to review. These catalogs and the models inside are for reference, so please keep in mind that we can build all of these units in various sizes, shapes and colors. These catalogs are extensive but do not cover everything we can build. So if you have a particular design in mind or have a photo of the ideal model you are looking for, let us know, forward us the photo and we can quote and custom build such a design for you.

Hexagonal Showcases 2018-07-05 04:23:58

If you are looking for something more than a simple display, look no further, we offer you the manufacture of your hexagonal showcases with the highest quality standards at the best price. In Custom Showcaes we guarantee that with us you will find the best hexagonal showcases in the market, because we know that we are the experts and we can meet the highest demands of our customers. Contact our consultants in our chats call us at our lines at no cost.

Jewelry Kiosks and Carts 2018-06-11 11:04:10

The most inquiries we get nowadays are for jewelry kiosks and carts. Since the Egyptians and even before them, people have felt the need to upgrade their appearance for a multitude of reasons. It was meant to improve their presence, affirm their status, to boost their confidence, to intimidate their opponents, as part of certain rituals or simply to appear more attractive. But in history it was more a thing for the elites then for the common man. Nowadays there is jewelry for every kind of budget and it is no wonder with the current economy that kiosks and carts for jewelry are in demand. We can help you with quality models just the way you want them, for a price you thought not possible. Contact us and find out how we can help you take you piece of the market.


There are some great companies online and each of them often have their own specialty. Today I want to make very clear that www.CustomDisplayCases.net is one of these companies. This company really makes some of the most original and creative jewelry display cases we have seen. The link below shows a sleek line of thin aluminum framed glass display cases that are truly awesome.Click here


We have noticed that some companies have increased the amount of display cases they manufacture in certain states and counties. This is the easy way to find out what sectors of our great country have seen a sizable increase in business and business confidence. Custom Display Cases North America is one of these great display case manufactures that has benefited tremendously from this trend and yet again are building incredible glass display cases for this company located on 5th Ave in New York. Click here

CUSTOM GLASS DISPLAY CASES 2018-05-31 04:12:38

Custom Showcases is best well known custom display case and store fixture manufacturer in the country for over 40 years now. Currently most medium and large retailers are looking for great deals on glass display cases and other retail fixtures for their many point of sale locations across North America. As a result the demand for retail display cases and other display products has products has increased so drastically that it has become very hard to deliver our display cases to our customers in such record time lines of 2 and 3 weeks. Retailers and wholesalers are always interested in obtaining rock bottom prices for their store displays because these companies will redesign these locations every 4 to 5 years. Moving large quantities of inventory each and every year from these many locations requires innovation to inspire customers to return many times during the lease cycle of these retail store locations. Using modular display case and store fixture designs allows us to be much more competitive and flexible when it comes to the many thousands of different kinds of designs we produce.


Mostly all major brands have carefully examined their own marketing strategies and found out that changing retail store layouts and updating there glass showcases to display its products on sales floor.


Recently a lot of the different kinds of mannequin showcases we manufacture are for movies studios all across the USA. Especially California has been ordering Costume Showcases to display various props and wardrobes.

CUSTOM MADE DISPLAY CASES 2018-05-21 11:28:05

We are all about USA. We breath it, support it, and most of all we love it. Here at CUSTOM SHOWCASES our designers and builders are truly unique and gifted artists right here in the great United States of America. Our purpose driven mission is to put our country first and therefore we strive to use only products made in the USA in all of our glass showcases. Our glass display cases can be see in every single state in the USA and in every province in Canada and we are proud to participate in creating unforgettable retail environment experiences.

JEWELRY KIIOSKS - IOWA 2018-05-17 03:26:57

“We need a kiosk for jewelry and we already have a design, can you take a look at it?”. Every now and then we get such a request and mostly in the jewelry area like for rings, necklaces and watches. It was a good thing that we looked at it for there was a major flaw in the design. The design stated glass counters with 2 layers; a shelf at the top and a sliding bottom part with pagoda style presentation inserts for necklaces. The design was in such a way that parts of the bottom section, in 2 places, were not able to slide out. We saw, we discussed and we resolved that flaw while maintaining the elegance of the design. That’s the skill and advantage of custom builders. We quoted a price and the deal was done. The jewelry kiosk is up next in production and we will ship in 3 weeks to Des Moins, Iowa. So in need of a kiosk for rings, necklaces or watches? Call us, we will make it work.

FOOD CARTS AND KIOSKS - USA 2018-05-17 03:24:24

In a hurry this morning to get to places? As most people you also need a good breakfast to get jumpstarted for a productive new day. And that’s where “Breakfastfast” comes in. Fresh sandwiches 2 go with some matching healthy juices or a coffee is the thing they provide. The challenge for any food related kiosk or cart is layout. You need space for preparation, stock and equipment in a confined space. The customer already had a refrigeration unit they wanted to use and with the info provided we made sure it would fit. This “made-2-fit”customization is a very common thing for us in the food area. We manufactured a cart, which was well within the customers budget and delivered it this week. So if you are in the Wilmington area in North Carolina and you are in need of some breakfast, keep a lookout for a new food cart labeled Brakfastfast, the proud owner will help you in an instant.

CELL PHONE KIOSKS - ARIZONA 2018-05-17 03:20:50

Sometimes you get a call from an organization you did not see coming. In this case it was from an energy generating facility in Arizona. If we could help them with a kiosk for phones, laptops and other related products. We have a vast number of retail kiosks available in our catalogs to choose from. But instead this customer showed some pictures of models they were interested in. We did an inventory based on intended use and product it was for and presented 2 design based on that input. They made a choice and went for an enclosed design which we customized even further according to their feedback and requirements. This process made us see beyond our usual customer base but also showed that no matter what, we can cater every need. So even the utilities sector looking for a retail kiosk can safely call us; we did it before.

Tower Display Cases 2018-04-27 12:07:15

These sleek looking tower display cases were made for TNT Jewelry in Antonio Texas. This is the 3rd time TNT Jewelry has ordered display cases from Custom Showcases.

Counter Display Cases for Jewelry 2018-04-10 12:05:28

Not all jewelry counter display showcases are designed and manufactured equally. Take a look at the photo below and you will see why our glass jewelry display cabinets are among the best designs our there.

GOLD 7 Miami Florida -Jewelry Showcases 2018-03-06 12:26:23

These glass showcases we designed and manufactured for Gold 7 located in Miami Florida.

Glass Showcases 2018-03-06 12:24:09

Our glass showcases are considered by many to be among the best quality glass showcases sold in the USA. Most museums in most US states will have ordered some glass showcases from us in the past.

Custom Showcases - Canada Post 2017-10-10 12:59:53

We are in the middle of presenting a few custom showcases designs the team at Canada Post can choose from.

Wall Mounted Showcases 2017-10-10 01:05:45

Our customers should be well aware of the fact that our company offers the largest selection of standard custom showcases especially wall mounted display cases and other kinds such as tower, counter, pedestal and wall upright showcases as well.

Jewelry Display Cases - Made in the USA 2017-09-25 11:54:01

For our customers that are not aware where we manufacture our glass display cases, we have 3 factory locations. Our head office and our very first factory is located in Toronto Canada, our 2nd factory locations was opened 8 years ago in Laredo Texas and our 3rd location in Toluca Mexico. From any of these factory locations come some of the best and most creative custom display case designs you can imagine at pricing that will blow you away.

Custom Display Cases 2017-09-25 11:51:27

Remaining month of September and all of October all of our display cases have a discount of 20%. The discount applies to orders of 2 or more glass showcases.

Counter Showcases 2017-08-11 03:29:46

Our latest selection of glass counter showcases has our customers smiling all the way tot the bank. Since the beginning of this month we have had our new counter showcase designs discounted to our regular customers and the response has been overwhelming. Our customers are extremely happy of the much thinner extrusion we are able to use and the speed by which we are able to manufacture and ship our glass display cases to our customers is pretty impressive.

DISCOUNTS - DISPLAY CASES 2017-08-11 03:27:01

For the whole month of August we are offering a 20% discount on the purchase of 2 or more glass display cases. The discount also applies to cash counters and retail kiosks and carts. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us.

Tradeshow Display Showcases 2017-07-02 11:12:48

Our tradeshow display cases have the added benefit that it can all be custom made and in record time. Where can you find a company that will delivered about to 20 display cases that are custom designed and manufactured and delivery them anywhere in the USA or Canada within 3 weeks? Custom Showcases is this company and we would love to hear about your next project and make it a reality.

Large Trade Show Display Cases 2017-05-31 09:16:03

We have made some extremely large display cases for various galleries and museums across the USA and Canada and we are well known for making some remarkably large glass showcases. For more information about our large exhibit display cases please contact one of our representatives.

COSTUME DISPLAY CASES 2017-05-29 07:40:53

Costumes that are worth protecting and with a historical importance deserve nothing more then being displayed in the best possible exhibit display case possible. Custom Exhibit Group will manufacture the best costume showcase to they exact specification you require and in any color or finish you want. www.CustomExhibitGroup.com

Custom Designed Display Cases 2017-05-29 07:35:11

We understand that our designs and style are fundamental to the success of our great company. This is why each of our custom designed showcases has the details you will not find in any other mass produced display case made in the USA or CANADA. There is nothing like having a custom made display case made to the exact specifications and wishes of the customer. Below is an example of a costume display case we made for the RED CROSS

Retail Mall Carts - Jewelry 2017-03-07 12:59:01

Custom Showcases & Displays started designing and manufacturing retail carts for various industries in the early 90's and have been making them ever since. Most of the carts we manufacture are for the Cosmetic and Jewelry industry. For information about our latest designs, please contact one of our sales and marketing representatives and they will gladly help you.

Vapor IT - Las Vegas 2016-12-12 10:15:35

We have been working for Thomas and Gerald on their new store concept displays for the last 2 months. The designs we have done for them are truly unique and to build these displays could be somewhat challenging to say the least. Thomas and Gerald are planning the grand opening for Monday February 6th and all the cases must be completed and installed the week before. We will be posting the complete set-up after the installation and the response they will from customers because of these super funky designs will be amazing.

COCA COLA 2016-12-12 10:08:45

Beside all the work we have done for Coca Cola these last few years, including most of the display cases for their Winter Olympic booth, this year it seems we might be doing all of the displays for the new Coca Cola events this winter.

Counter Display Cases 2016-12-12 10:05:27

The work we have done for the US Air force is continuing and after this week we will need to change our manufacturing time table back around 4 to 6 weeks. We just learned that we will be building over 150 glass counter and tower display cases for the US Air Force and another 46 for the US Post office. This will keep us busy for the next few weeks.

Economy Line Display Cases 2016-11-01 08:20:40

We now have 3 lines of glass showcase to offer all our customers. Classic Line, Standard Line and ECONOMY LINE. There is simply no need to shop anywhere else if you can receive the best showcases at any budget.

Great Looking Costum Display Cases 2016-10-06 05:53:40

We now offer mannequin display cabinet with the option of displaying a clothing line on the bottom of the case inside an open storage area.

TRADE SHOW DISPLAY CASES 2016-09-06 06:58:53

Custom Showcases is very well known for building some exceptionally large glass display cases. Take a look at the attached photo!

Display Cases for Jewelry 2016-09-06 06:56:48

Making a nice and elegant jewelry display case is not that easy as it might seem. These days you will find many on-line companies selling the same cheap and imported stuff from China. Our Jewelry Display Cases are made in Canada and the USA and we design and manufacture ORIGINAL designs.

Jewelry Kiosks 2016-08-03 12:53:22

We are best know for making some of the nicest and most durable jewelry glass display cases for jewelry stores all over the USA and Canada, but we also make some very special jewellery carts and kiosks as well. Example attached.

Jewelry Showcases 2016-07-11 08:14:50

If you are opening a jewelry store this year, you might want to take a look at our line of classic, standard and economy line counter display cases, pedestal showcases and suspended glass cabinets. All of these catalog based display cabinets are available for purchase with a 15% discount for the months of July and August.

All Display Cases - 15% Discount 2016-06-13 06:46:49

Dear Customers For all of June, July and August you can expect a 15% discount on all our catalog display case designs. For more information please contact one of our representatives.

Retail Mall Carts - Multi Purpose 2016-05-14 06:43:05

Our retail cart designs are modern looking and made for multiple various businesses. These mall cart designs can also be made to include custom design specifications as well. For more information call us at (866) 843-6635.


On some of our standard line display cases you can place an order with us today and receive your case tomorrow or within 72 hours. You Imagine a semi custom designed glass display case delivered to your place of business within 72 hours?


Order display cases from us and SAVE BIG!!! When ordering your display cases from the Custom Display Group you are ordering from the FACTORY DIRECT and this means HUGE SAVINGS. Keep in mind that besides having the best pricing we also do lots of CUSTOM WORK AS WELL!

Perfume Kiosk - Orlane 2016-04-01 07:02:25

We do design and manufacture some awesome looking perfume kiosks. This is the 1st one of 4 we are making for Orlane. We had shipped this kiosk over a month ago to Orlando Florida and we were happy to receive these photo's from our customer yesterday.

Suspended Showcases - Delivery LA California 2016-03-12 07:06:39

Our line of Suspended Showcases are really unique and something that you do not see that often.

Mannequin Display Cases - Delivered to Austin Texas 2016-03-12 07:06:03

This mannequin display case was delivered to a military base just outside Austin Texas.

Counter Glass Showcase - Canadian Space Agency 2016-03-12 07:03:26

Even the Canadian Space Agency has been ordering glass counter display cabinets from us this year.

Tower Display Cases - Texas 2016-02-11 01:05:28

This tower glass display case was made for a production company in Antonio Texas. If they are happy with the results they are expected to order 25 units in total.

Free Standing Display Cases 2016-02-05 08:21:11

When we design a new line of showcases, we think of every possible sub-design possible and thereby we are able to create nearly 200 free standing showcase designs. There is no other company in the USA or Canada that does this......BUT WE DO!

LARGE Wall Mounted Display Cabinets 2016-01-06 07:38:21

Custom Showcases is well known for designing and manufacturing some of the largest display cabinets in the USA and Canada. It is not easy to ship over sized glass showcases across various states and provinces but this is what we do daily and we have become very good at this.

Great Looking Wall Upright Display Cases 2016-01-06 07:34:32

We do manufacture some great looking free standing display cases and the attached photo is one we completed yesterday. This glass showcase will be leaving our factory this Friday and expected to arrive in Denver Colorado on the following Wednesday.

Custom Display Group - Online Display Catalog 2015-12-14 06:11:21

We have just updated our online display case catalog for 2016. As you can see the pricing has remained the same since 2010 and we are committed to keep our pricing as low as possible for our customers.The link below will take you to our online glass display cabinet catalog.http://www.CustomDisplayGroup.com/products.html

Make up & manicure Kiosk 2015-10-27 06:21:53

This is a make-up kiosk we manufactured recently. This unit was shipped to LA California last week.

Museum Pedestal Display Cases 2015-10-27 06:18:27

We do make some really cool looking pedestal display cases. Have a look!

Association for Retail Environments 2015-10-27 06:16:53

We look forward to see all our old and new customers at this years event!http://www.Facebook.com/retailenvironments/

Wall Upright Display Case Designs 2015-09-29 08:24:56

This new display case design was added to our catalog today.

Counter Top Display Cases 2015-08-26 06:38:47

Our line of counter top display cases have been getting more popular each and every month. These cases are extremely popular for the exhibit and trade show industry and this is where most of our counter top display cases are made for.

Wall Mounted Display Showcases 2015-05-21 08:36:58

Besides our large wall mounted cases we also make many much smaller wall display cabinets that are very popular in most retail environments!

Wall Mounted Showcases 2015-04-24 04:14:10

This is one of the largest wall mounted showcase we manufactured last year. At custom showcases we manufacture a very large selection of wall mounted display cases and information boards in all shapes and sizes. Ask one of our representatives for a copy of our catalog!

Custom Display Showcases - California 2015-04-15 03:18:07

For our customers in California, we have the highest quality showcases for pricing not seen anywhere else online. Visit our website at www.CustomShowcases.com and download one of our display case catalogs.

Super Large Display Cases 2015-03-02 05:15:40

We just completed this super large display case for soccer express.

Retail Mall Carts and Kiosks 2015-01-21 07:16:20

Dear Customers We recently launched 2 new websites that would strictly focus on the design and manufacturing of our retail kiosks and carts. www.RetailMallCarts.com www.RetailMallKiosks.com

PEDESTAL SHOWCASES - Back-lit 2014-10-30 04:43:24

These back-lit pedestal showcases were designed and manufactured for Lugaro Jewelry!

Custom Vitrines 2014-10-23 05:35:08

Custom Vitrines

Large Mannequin Showcases 2014-10-21 09:24:34

We recently completed a few large mannequin display cases for the US military again! Attached is a sample drawings of one of these larger mannequin cabinets we manufacture!

Custom-made Showcases 2014-08-06 18:34:32

Our custom designed showcases are second to none. Have a look in our extensive catalogue or call us to discuss your showcase requirements.

Fantastic Show Cases 2014-06-16 06:26:43

Look no further! CustomShowcases delivers the best custom showcases for your business.

Mannequin Showcases - Shipped to Fort Benning Georgia 2014-03-19 18:07:18

These 2 mannequin showcases we designed and manufactured in 3 working days and shipped to Fort Benning Georgia.

New Extrusion - Counter Display Case 2014-03-05 18:15:53

Our new rounded profile extrusion arrived last Friday at our factory in Laredo Texas. The first showcase we manufactured with this extrusion is a counter showcase with some bright LED side lights. Next week we will be making 9 other showcases with this extrusion including a VERY large Mannequin showcase as well.


We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2014!

Jewellery Store - Vancouver British Columbia 2013-12-10 15:49:23

Designed, manufactured and delivered a few suspended showcases and pedestal display cases for a new custom made jewelry store in Vancouver BC! Opening just in time for X-mas!

Counter Showcases - In Production - Harkel Office Furniture 2013-11-06 13:52:47

We are almost done with the manufacturing of 3 counter showcases for Harkel Office Furniture! We offer them good pricing and fast delivery!

No other display case manufacturing company in Canada or the USA can meet our delivery time lines and our pricing!

Custom Backlit Display Cases - LED Lighting 2013-10-29 20:48:52

We have attached a photo of our Silver Dragon Kiosk that was completed last week. The logo for this kiosk was designed by Sergio who took it upon himself to design a logo for this customer free of charge!!

Anotther Kiosk Completed - Pink Room 2013-10-16 19:14:42

This new mall kiosk design is shipping tomorrow to San Francisco where it will be placed in on of the biggest retail shopping malls in California! This retail kiosk may be duplicated many times in the near future as this is a prototype for this new and exciting body jewelry company!

New Glass Showcases - Happy Customer 2013-09-11 15:48:14

We just recently completed the manufacturing of these newly designed glass showcases. Our customer wanted them to look similar to the Swarovski line of glass display cases. The end result is good and the customer is very satisfied!

Custom Showcases at Glass Build America 2013-09-11 15:40:08

Come and see us at Glass Build America!
Custom Showcases will be displaying it huge line of glass display cases at Glass Build America from September 10th - 12th 2013. Come and see us at booth 2004!

New Wall Upright Showcase Catalog 2013-07-31 08:55:15

Early next week our new Freestanding Showcase Catalog will be launched. It will list over 120 Freestanding Showcases in all shapes, sizes and colors. You will only need to fill our our catalog request form online and you will receive it within a few minutes.

A sample design is shown on the left side of the screen!

US Air force - Wall Upright Showcase 2013-06-04 20:24:13

This is the latest design of a wall upright showcase we completed for the US Air Force!

Counter Glass Display Cases - Production G 2013-05-11 09:08:09

In the previous article we mentioned that we had designed and manufactured 6 mannequin showcases for a company called production G located in New York. We also made 3 counter glass showcases for them as you can see in the photo attached. The CUSTOM DISPLAY GROUP will show our customers that CUSTOM DESIGNS does not mean more money!

Call or email us for more information.

Mannequin Display Cases - Production G 2013-05-11 08:45:42

These 6 Mannequin showcases displayed in the photo were designed, manufactured, crated and shipped to New York in less then 2 weeks!
These are great looking glass cabinets that are priced right at the Custom Display Group! Call us and find out that Custom Made Cabinets do not need to cost an arm and leg!

Rising Costs - Better Manufacturing in Mexico 2013-04-18 07:19:44

This is an interesting read about rising costs in the furniture industry.


Pedestal Glass Display Showcases 2013-03-23 07:16:53

We recently completed a small project of pedestal display cabinets with the acrylic logo panel below the actual display box. The customer was very satisfied with how it looks!

New display case to the collection 2013-03-05 18:00:14

This elegant tower showcase is just one of the new showcases in our collection. Perfect for high end retail and gift shop. Customize it to your needs. Built and shipped in 3 weeks anywhere in Canada, US, South America and Caribbean.

Suspended Display Showcases 2013-01-16 11:26:10

The suspended display showcases we designed and manufactured for Mind Games in Toronto Ontario we very exceptionally large and colorful. For more information about our line of suspended glass cabinets please request our 2013 classic line catalog!


We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Pedestal Glass Display Cases 2012-10-01 20:25:52

Recently we completed a very large project for a chain of high end shopping centers in the USA. We designed and manufactured over 800 (back-lit) pedestal display cases that were placed in the central areas of these malls.

Picture attached!

Hexagon Display Cases 2012-10-01 13:31:11

We recently completed the work on a cell phone store that required simple, sturdy and easy to use showcases for all its stores across the USA. This simple hexagonal display case has been a real hit and we have received many compliments. For more information about our various glass showcases please feel free our staff!

CUSTOM SHOWCASES & MALL KIOSKS 2012-05-25 10:25:45

Our new catalogs feature, among other things, our outstanding mannequin showcases and elegant yet durable mall carts and kiosks. Please give us a call today and we will forward our catalogs to you via email. Please note that we custom build our showcases and kiosks/carts to your specific requirements. One of our designers will gladly discuss what options are available.
Give us a call today - if you can think it, we can design it.


Anna van de Ven
Sales & Marketing


We offer great discounts when you order two or more showcases from us. Our showcases are commissioned by Fortune 500 companies as well as small, local retailers, museums, hospitals, sports arenas and even the military. Our service and attention to detail are unsurpassed in the industry today. Call us and find out why we have been in business for more than three decades.


Grace Behn
Sales & Marketing

NEW LINE OF CUSTOM SHOWCASES! 2012-05-11 10:07:28

We are proud to introduce our updated custom showcases catalogs. Give us a call today and find out why we have been in business for more than 30 years with Fortune 500 companies and local retailers alike as our clients!


Anna van de Ven
Sales & Marketing


Multiple showcase orders or repeat orders result in attractive discounts at Custom Showcases. Call one of our represenstatives today and we will happily discuss any potential discounts as well as your specific design requirements for your showcases. If you can think it, we can design it!


Grace Behn
Marketing & Sales

Museum Pedestal Display Cases 2012-04-11 16:31:02

Recently, we designed and built display cases for a renowned museum in Florida. These designs are now available in our new display and showcase catalogs. Please contact us if you'd like these catalogs to be mailed to you.

The Management

Discount Specials (10%) - For all of January 2012 2011-12-29 16:44:03

Dear Customer

Management has decided that all reasonable competitor quotes will continue to receive a discount of 10%! This discount applies to a similar products based upon similar measurements and other details. Custom Showcases & Displays Inc will be launching 6 new display showcase catalogs in the New Year with exciting new display case designs for museums and various retail stores.

For more information please contact us!

The management.

10% Discount on official quotes from the competition! 2011-12-08 10:04:36

None of our competitor can beat Custom Showcases & Displays Inc on quality and price! We have been in the display case industry for over 25 years and our reputation of unbeatable prices and superb quality is well known!
If you have a written quote for a fully assembled display case, retail kiosk or mall cart of comparable quality, please forward this official quote to us and we will beat it by 10%!!!

The Management

Museum Display Cases 2011-10-19 05:19:23

Our new large museum display case catalog was released online early this week. This museum catalog offers the largest selection of large museum display cabinets available to the public online in North America. Please feel free to browse our newly released catalog and feel free to ask any question you might have about our new designs!


Retail Mall Carts 2011-10-03 12:10:51

We just added another 11 retail cart designs to our classic mall cart catalog. These designs are focused on people starting a new business with small budgets. The name allocated to these new designs are STARTER CARTS.

For more information please contact management.

Retail Mall Carts 2011-09-17 11:59:22

At Custom Showcases & Displays Inc we offer the largest selection of retail mall carts and kiosks available anywhere in the USA or Canada. We have 2 kinds of cart catalogs. The economy retail cart catalog is our most popular catalog where we offer the largest selection of mill work carts. The classic mall cart catalog offers shopping center carts made out of our patent aluminum extrusion. For more information please email or call us!

The Management

Wall Mounted Showcases 2011-09-02 22:08:40

Our new Wall Mounted Showcase catalog was released today! It offers over 150 Wall Hanging Showcases from small to large. This selection of Wall Mounted Display cases is made out of a durable aluminum extrusion and is shipped assembled. These Wall Showcases are made to order in any size, color or substrate.

Please email or call us for more information.

Brett Saint Clair

Starter Retail Mall Kiosks & Carts 2011-04-04 18:49:00

At Precision Custom Showcases we have recently launched our starter retail kiosks and carts catalog. These starter carts and kiosks start at $2450 USD and up. Our selection of mall kiosks and carts is by far the largest selection available online and in Canada and the USA. If you have any question or would like to discuss your retail RMU designs, please contact us by email or phone.

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Display Showcase - Catalogs 2011-04-04 18:41:09

At precision Custom Showcases we are working on the largest selection of display case catalogs available online.
In May of 2011 all the glass showcase catalogs are expected to be finished and available to our customers.

The Management

Pedestal Glass Display Cases & Cabinets 2010-11-07 14:44:42

We recently completed manufacturing of custom designed bottom lit pedestal display cases for a few Westfield Malls located in California USA. These particular pedestal display cases are bottom lit, which gives the products on display a very unique and bright look! At custom showcases we offer the largest selection of pedestal display cases in the USA and Canada. We are also prepared to design anything you might have in mind. Please contact us and request to see our online catalog with all our display case designs.


Budget Display Cases and Display Cabinets 2010-10-11 14:10:50

At Custom Showcases we offer a large selection of budget display cabinets. In today's economy being price concious is needed to survive and thrive. Custom Showcases is the only display cabinet manufacturer in North America that has not raised prices on its display fixtures since 2005. If you are interested in looking at our budget line of glass showcases please email or call ut!

Museum Display Cases & Showcases 2010-10-11 12:01:36

We recently completed large 3 large size Mannequin Display Cases where the bottom was completely bottom lit. This efffect put a lot of focus on the clothing the Mannequin is wearing. The tops of these glass display showcases were fitted with high quality LED pucklight. For more information about out selection of Mannequin Display Cabinets please email or give us a call!

Aluminium Showcases & Aluminum Display Cases 2008-09-04 17:52:22

Custom Showcases Inc offers aluminum display cabinets made from the best aluminium extrusions available on the market. Our extrusion system is superior in design and functionability then any other aluminum display manufacturer. Please feel free to compare our designs and prices to other comparable manufacturers, and you will see the difference.

For aluminum extruded samples, please contact Danny Wilde at 416-657-4045.

The Management.

Display Case and Showcase maintenance tips 2008-06-11 11:46:48

GLASS - The glass of your display case should be cleaned with good commercial glass cleaner or similar product and a non-fluff cloth or paper towels. The best results can be achieved with non-static cleaner. Do not use abrasive material to clean your display showcases.

DOOR TRACK - If you have purchased a display case with a sliding door track from Custom Showcases, you should try to keep it free of dust and sand. These particles can destroy the plastic wheels over time if not properly mainained and cleaned.

SLIDING DOORS - The sliding glass doors of your display showcases may shift if not cleaned on a monthly basis. When the display cabinet doors are in the proper position they will slide freely and the top of the door will be at least 4 mm (3/16") into the top track. If the lock keyholes of your display case begins to turn, tighten the screws on the inside (back)of the keyhole. If the rubber gaskets are damaged, please call us and we will send new ones.

HINGED DOORS - The hinges on your wall free standing display cases may require occasional tightening. If so, push back the door of your display case into the hinge and use a screwdriver to tighten the set-srew. The hinged doors of your glass display cases are made of tempered glass (safety glass) and do not break easily.

SQUARE/RECTANGULAR SHELVES - Shelf positions on your display showcases can be adjusted. Make sure to remove the glass shelves before proceeding. Loosen the setscrew in the shelf support of your display case with an alan key. Move the shelf support up or down to a desired level and tighten it. Make sure the shelf-supports of your glass cabinets are level before inserting the shelf. To put the glass shelves in your glass cabinet, place the narrow side of the shelf down on the two shelf supports, then lower the other side slowly.

Do not overload shelves. If placing more 10Kg (22lbs) or more, please check with us.

The Management

Portable Jewelry Display Cases 2008-05-21 19:31:36

New Aluminum Extrusions 2008-04-14 12:12:38

We are glad to announce that we have designed 4 new extrusions that will be used for new designs in our already large selection of Display cases and Showcases. These 4 new extrusions will give us the ability to design display cases that we were never before able to manufacture. Over the next few months these new designs will be made available on our online catalog.

For further information, please contact us at 1866.843.6635

The Management.

Standard Display Cases VS Custom Showcases 2008-01-20 13:22:00

Our Display Cases and Showcases are intended to obtain attention at retail stores, office environments, galleries, museums, trade shows, exhibitions, events, schools, colleges, universities and any other settings and locations. Custom Showcases solves all these various demands with multiple showcase and display case options and systems. This is done with our large variety of lighting options, light-weight frame construction, no frame construction, glass on glass construction or solid build aluminum extruded framed systems. Our showcase and display case systems fulfill most demands and follow the CUSTOM SHOWCASE philosophy of high quality, durability and style, with the use of the best materials available on the market.

Custom Showcases will educate and support you with the choices available of aluminum display cases and showcases versus custom mill work display showcases.

For more information about the largest selection of standard display cases and custom designed showcases, feel free to give us a call at 1866-843-6635.

The Management

Custom Showcases & Vitrinas Exhibidores 2007-10-28 21:08:03

Custom Showcases & Vitrinas Exhibidores S.A de C.V offer the largest selection of both aluminum framed extrusion display cases and showcases and an even larger selection of mill work display cases and showcases. The selection includes mill work display showcases in these catagories. Wall Display Cases, Wall Mounted Display Cases, Corner Display Cases, Revolving Showcases, Hexagonal Display Showcases, Museum Display Cases, Counter Showcases, Counter Top Display Cases, Jewelry Showcases, Retail Shopping Mall Kiosks and Retail Shopping Mall Carts. For more information about the largest selection of mill work display showcases, please contact one of our representatives. The Management

Design & Manufacturing 2007-09-18 22:07:36

Planning for your jewelry store layout is a great guide for building your new or remodeled jewelry store without running into many problems. Properly planning and designing your store, offers many other benefits:

* Detailed store image
* Development of your specialty look
* Merchandise capacity and design
* Jewelry store logistics and operation
* Product,Price,Promotion & Placement

Prior to building your first display showcase, retail kiosks or cart, the design process gives you a chance to carefully study and understand every step of your new design. It will allow you to see the finished product prior to us manufacturing it.

We specialize in the design of jewelry showcases and jewelry kiosks and carts. Our Jewelry display showcases are so unique, in comparison to other display showcase manufactures. Our special design process is what guarantees you success from the beginning, and your customers will be impressed by the designs and the look of your store or kiosk.

At Custom Showcases we offer many different types of lighting options to be used in your retail kiosk, retail cart or display showcase.
Feel free to give us a call to further discuss your design ideas. We will assist in making your business a great success.

The Management

Aluminum Display Showcases 2007-07-20 14:48:54

Our aluminum display cases are relatively lightweight, and extremely durable. Our aluminum showcase system offers unlimited configuration in all sizes and shapes. Our display systems vary greatly from other manufactures, and we have a track record that is unmatched by cheaper versions you see in the market place. Our high quality extrusions were developed in the Netherlands over 40 years ago, and our display showcases can be seen all over the world, from the most prestige museums, corporations, Universities, governments, Military, Navy, Hospitals etc.

For you next project, please contact the Custom Showcase experts at (866)843-6635.

The Management

Portable Display Cases & Counter Table Top Showcase 2007-07-04 17:31:45

We offer the largest selection of high end luxury Portable Display Cases and Table Top Cases in Canada and USA. They are extremely durable and easy to setup and take apart. Our features include portability, lightweight design, modular component, and easy to transport to trade shows. Our portable display showcases are great to display a wide variety of products, because they are well designed modular display units, which are manufactured to individual customer specifications.

Wall Mounted Display Cases for (SEARS) 2007-06-13 16:03:50

Please visit our photo gallery to take a look at the Wall Mounted Showcases we designed and manufactured for SEARS CANADA. A total of 12 Wall Mounted cases were installed at the Canadian head office. Neal Claassen our Vice President & Designer in Chief was responsible for seeing this project from beginning to end. For further information about hanging cases, please contact us at (866)843-6635

Portable Display Cases 2007-06-12 11:17:40

We currently offer a large selection of luxury Portable and Counter Top Display Cases in any size, shape or color. We offer these cases in both tempered glass and acrylic. For more information about our luxury line of Portable Counter Top Display Showcases please contact us at 866-843-6635.

Wall Mounted Display Cases 2007-06-12 11:14:34

Custom Showcases has the largest selection of Wall Mounted Display Cases. We currently offer 179 variations of Wall Cabinets in any size, shape and color. If you are in need of luxury Display Cabinets that require to hang from a wall, or our unique lne of Suspended Wall Cases please contact us at 866-843-6635.

Large Museum and Mannequin Display Cases 2007-05-06 18:13:07

Our large museum display cases are built to display large size objects or mannequins. We can built these large museum display case in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors. We are able to make all our museum showcases and display cases to customer specification. Our large museum display cases are manufactured with the highest quality materials, and our attention to detail is unmatched by any of our competitors. Standard features for all our museum display showcases include: hinged or sliding doors, locks, tempered glass and many lighting options.

Why Modular Display Cases? 2007-04-23 13:03:41

What are modular Display Showcases, and what advantages do they have? The Dictionary defines modular as “constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety”. Listed below are the advantages of using Modular Display Cases:
With modular design, our custom designed display cases can be ordered to exact custom specifications, and delivery of your custom designed showcase is 4 weeks later. You can expect you custom designed display cases to be made to your liking, and your project is therefore more accurate, your available space is maximized, and the end result is clean, sharp, and impressive. Our custom designed modular showcases are installed without any hassle, because they are shipped assembled. (Design vs. Cost) The cost for choosing a custom modular designed display case in the big scope of things is much less than a custom made build-out display case, when figuring material costs and labor. If your looking to have custom display cases made for your business, please give us a call at (866)843-6635

Museum Glass Showcases 2007-04-14 18:51:23

Last month Custom Showcases added a few more museum style display cases to its already large selection of models available. Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame was recently completed, and 4 new glass display case models where created for this display project alone. Some of the glass cases were designed to show mannequins wearing hocky uniforms and equipment. For customers who are interested in receiving more information about our Museum glass display cases, please contact one of our representatives at (1866)843-6635

Impressive Jewelry Display Cases 2007-04-08 11:39:50

Impressing your clients that visit your retail or wholesale jewelry store is extremely important to the success of your your jewelry business. If you are not able to impress you customers within the first 60 seconds of their visit to your jewelry shop, you will have lost the sale already. Impressing your customers with how your jewelry store looks, starts with having beautifull display cases that show off your collection of jewelry. Your jewelry needs to be displayed in such a way that draws your customers to the counter display cases where it is displayed. The quality of your jewelry display cases will tell the customer all it needs to know how serious you are about your jewelry store and business. It is important to take pride in your jewelry business and not to take any short cuts that might effect your jewelry store negatively. There for it is extremely important to get quality jewelry display cases for your jewelry venture. At Custom Showcases we have been designing and manufacturing luxury jewelry display cases for over 30 years. Our variety of jewelry showcases is the largest in the industry, and the quality of our work is unmatched by our competition. Our cases our unique, and new designs are added every month. For more information about our jewelry cases, please contact us at 1866-843-6635 or visit our online photo gallery for more ideas. We design and manufacture custom jewelry display cases that are afforable, high quality and unique.

Retail Store Designs 2007-04-04 20:52:23

Custom Showcases Designs custom showcases and display cases, but also offers a large selection of standard catalog display cases. These are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Third vision, half-vision, and full-view are just the begining of what we have to offer in the catagory of our museum and boutique line of luxury display showcases. Our Wall cases, upright display wall showcases, trophy and awards cases, counter-top display cases, counter showcases, jewelry display showcases, hexagonal showcases are all available from our large selection of our standard stock models. Some of the option that are available with all our luxury display cases are: fluorescent lighting, plunger locks, mirror doors, standard melamine or high pressure laminate bases, Logo's, backlit lighting, wheels just to list a few. In our online photo gallery you are able to see a small sample of pictures from the work we have done. Any questions call us today at (1866) 843-6635.

Trophy Cases 2007-04-03 13:30:36

The trophy display cases that are listed on our website are only a few samples of the many custom made Trophy Display cases we have manufactured. All our Trophy Display Cases and Collectible Cases inlude standard items such as tempered glass, lighting and locks. They are perfect to be used in Schools, businesses and any other organization or office environment you can think off. Your Display trophies, awards, collectibles will look fantastic in one of our custom made trophy cases. Call us toll free at 1866-843-6635 for more information about our custom designed showcases.

Cash and Computer Counters 2007-03-28 09:42:08

Custom Showcases is well known for its Custom Cash and Computer Counters. We design your display counters to attract customers. The fisishes you can choose are endless, and the quality is unmatched. Octopus products is a company which supplies us with some of the best substrates available in the market. Octopus products can be viewed online at www.OctopusProducts.com. Please visit our online photo gallery for more pictures and information about our Cash and Computer counters.

Custom Counter Display Cases 2007-03-28 09:26:17

Custom Showcases is curently working on more counter display case designs. We welcome any imput from our customers about how they would like to see a counter designed and manufactured. For more information about our custom counter display cases please contact us at 1866-843-6635.

Display Cases in any size and shape 2007-03-27 12:09:36

At Custom Showcases we manufacture Display Cases for all these catagories; Jewelry Display Showcases, Optical Display Cases, Counter Tables Top Display Showcases, Revolving and Rotating Showcases, Suspended Display Cases, Wall Mounted Showcases, Tower Display Cases, Freestanding Showcases, Counter Display Cases, Museum Display Cases, Specialty Retail Display Cases, Hexagonal Showcases and many many more. If your looking to have a Showcase made that you have not seen anywhere, please contact us at (1866)843-6635 and we will design it for you.

Wall Mounted Display Cases 2007-03-27 11:41:37

At Custom Showcases we manufacture the largest Wall Mounted Display Cases available in the market place. The largest Wall Mounted Display Case we manufactured was 8' x 8'. The glass doors are temepered, and options such a lighting and adjustable shelves are all possible. Our Wall Mounted Display cases are also available in many different colors. For more information about our Custom Designed Wall Mounted Display Cases please visit our online picture catalog, or speak to one of our representatives today at 1866-843-6635

Trade Show Exhibit Booths 2007-03-26 10:58:28

At Custom Showcases we will design an Custom Exhibit Booth for you within or below your budget. Our Custom designed Trade Show Exhibit Booths start from as low as $5000. Our Patent modular extrusion system allows us to build a Custom and unique Exhibit Booth for not that much money. We are able to Custom design and manufacture your Exhibit Stand or booth within 4 weeks. Our modular Exhibit Booths allow for extreme flexibility, and its very easy to set up and take apart. For more information about how we could design and manufacture a Custom designed Trade Show Exhibit Stand for you, please contact us by calling our number at (1866)843-6635

Display Cases for all Industries 2007-03-26 10:48:03

Visit our online product gatagory page to get ideas about how you could get your display showcases to look like. Our Comprehensive selection of Doll Display Cases, Trophy Cases, Acrylic Display Cases, Beanie Baby Display Cases, Civil War Showcases, Cun Display Cases, Coin Display Showcases Cases, Countertop Display Cases, Flag Cases, Jewelry Display Showcases, Medal Display cases, Security Cases, Shadow Boxes, Regular Retail Showcases and the list goes on. Custom Showcases is the answer to all your Display Case needs. We manufacture the largest selection of luxury Display Showcases in North and South America, available for collectors, retailers, Jewelers, Schools, large and small businesses and all other merchants.

Please speak to one of our reprentatives to gain further information about how we could make your Display Cases.

Trophy Display Cases & Showcases 2007-03-23 12:39:58

Our Trophy Display Cases & Showcases are by many considered to be the best in the industry. Custom Showcases produces custom made luxury Trophy Display Showcases for all industries. We have made some of the largest Wall Mounted Trophy Display Cases and Showcases you can think off. At Custom Showcases we will design and manufacture your Trophy Display Case within your budget. It is nice to know that your custom designed Trophy Showcase or Display case will be made to your specifications at standard pricing. Its also nice to know that all of it is made here in Canada and the USA. All our glass Trophy and Award Display Cases come with standard featurers, such as tempered glass and locks. We service all industries such as Schools, Businesses, Museums, Governments, Military, Navy, Army, Marines, Malls, Supermarkets, Universities, Colleges, Churches or any other organization you can think off. Our Trophy and Awards Cases are used for collectibles, awards, statues or any other items that could be displayed in a Trophy Award Display Case. Our Trophy Cases are modern, sturdy, beautiful, functional and extremely well built. For more information about our Custom made Trophy Showcases and Display Cases please contact us at 1866-843-6635.

Trophy Display Cases and Showcases 2007-03-21 14:14:24

At Custom Showcases we have a exceptional line of trophy display case options available to our customers. Our trophy display cases are custom made to individual customer specifications. For more information about about our line of custom trophy showcases please contact one of our representatives at (1866)843-6635

Glass Jewelry Boutique Display Cases 2007-03-20 09:55:07

At Custom Showcases we are offering our customers a new line of Glass Jewelry Boutique Display Showcases. These glass display cases are modern looking, and are designed with our customers individual needs in mind. For more information about our luxury Jewelry boutique Display Cases please contact one of our representatives at Custom Showcases.

New Glass Jewelry Display Case Designs 2007-03-04 20:24:43

Custom Showcases is offering a few new glass jewelry display case designs to choose from. Please contact us and ask to see the latest new glass jewelry display showcase designs available to all jewellers. Our new glass jewelry display case designs offer something for all jewellers in both retail and wholesale markets. Please contact us for a free catalog of all our glass jewelry display showcases.

Custom Design work 2007-02-28 11:43:01

At Custom Showcases we are able to provide you with drawings of your custom designed showcase or display case within 2 hours. By working fast and efficiently we are able to provide our customers with new designs extremely fast. We custom design kiosks and carts, glass display cases and glass showcases, reception desks, cash counters and computer counters, trade show exhibit booths and custom modular furniture. We recently designed and manufactured a custom made boardroom table from our patent aluminum extrusion system and glass. Please contact us for further information about our new and funky designs.

Display Case Lighting Options 2007-02-25 17:38:44

Considering all Lighting options inside your glass showcase or glass display case is very important for the success of your retail business. Proper lighting will assist in the sales of your merchandise and of the success of your venture. When purchasing new glass display cases for your business please ask our representatives about all the lighting options that are available.

Museum Glass Display Cases & Glass Showcases 2007-02-22 15:26:04

Our luxury museum glass display showcase designs have been extremely popular. One of the reasons is the durability of the aluminum frames that suround the museum glass display cases. When there is a lot of traffic passing by your glass display cases, you want them to be as durable as possible. All our museum glass display showcases are manufactured with our patent aluminum extruded frame, to give it the ultimate protection your glass display requires.

Associations in the Display Retail Industry 2007-02-20 20:04:50

For further information about the display and retail industry please take a look at the links below.

DDI Magazine

Brand Week

Association for Retail Environments

Manufactured in Canada, USA or Mexico 2007-02-20 19:30:04

Custom Showcases is proud to claim that all our glass Showcases and glass Display Cases are manufactured here in Canada, USA and Mexico. Depending on where the order is placed you will receive you custom designed glass display case within 3 to 4 weeks. We strive to have any custom work designed, manufactured and delivered within 4 weeks from the date the order confirmation is signed. It does not matter if you ordered a custom designed glass kiosk or cart, custom designed cash or computer counter, custom designed trade show exhibit booth or custom designed glass display cases, we will have it delivered to you all within 4 weeks. For further information about pricing and designs please contact us at 1866-843-6635.

Cash Counters & Computer Counters 2007-02-20 19:06:03

When designing your new retail store location, or redesigning one of your existing retail store locations keep in mind that Custom Showcases also designs luxury cash counter showcases and luxury cash counter display cases. We also design luxury reception counters that will seriously impress new customers comming to your business. For further information please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives.

Trade Show Exhibit Booths 2007-02-20 19:01:20

Custom Showcases is happy to announce that Trade Show Exhibit booths do not need to cost an arm and a leg. It is not uncommon for companies to pay $50.000 and up for Trade Show Exhibit Booths. With Custom Showcases we can design and manufacturer your Trade Show Exhibit Booths starting from $4995. Please contact one of our representatives for more information about custom designing one of you Trade Show Exhibit Booths.

Custom Designed Glass Display Cases 2007-02-20 11:27:39

Our customized aluminum framed glass showcases and glass display cases are created with any kind of design given to us in mind. Our fluorescent display showcase lighting options and low voltage halogen display case lighting systems are energy efficient and very attractive. We offer a large selection colors and cofigurations of which you can choose from. Also, all our standard and custom designed glass display cases are crated and shipped right to your location. There is no assembly, and all you need to do is push the glass display case in place and plug it in. All the glass display case materials used are of the highest quality, and our attention to detail is unmatched. If your looking for a glass Trophy Display Case, glass Jewelry Display Case or General Retail glass Display Cases, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our representatives today.

Glass Jewelry Display Cases 2007-02-16 19:05:07

We have recently added a few more glass Jewelry Display case options to our product line. At Custom Showcases we manufacturer luxury high end glass jewelry display cases for companies interested in high quality European designed glass display showcases. For further information about our glass jewelry display cases please contact us at 1866-843-6635.

Backlit Glass Display Cases 2007-02-16 18:58:50

At Custom Showcases we have noticed a huge increase in glass showcases and glass display cases that are backlit. This added feature draws a lot of attention to the glass display cases, and what is being displayed in it. In an ever increasing competative retail environment you always want the upper hand in merchandising your retail store or kiosk. Here at Custom Showcases we specialise in manufacturing glass display cases, kiosks and carts that draw attention to your merchandise. With Custom showcases it is simply a better way to display.

Mall Kiosks and Carts 2007-02-15 12:00:07

Over the last 12 months Custom Showcases has designed and manufactured many luxury Retail Mall kiosks and Carts that have captured the imagination of many Shopping Mall managers in the USA and Canada. The response to our new line of Kiosks and Carts has taken the company by surprise, and the large quantity of orders placed has forced it to hire more qualified mill workers to meet demand. For more information about the latest Mall Kiosk and Cart designs call 1866-843-6635

Glass Showcases & Glass Display Cases Trade Shows 2007-02-15 09:43:08

Please check our webiste regulary for further information about up comming trade shows related to the diplay store fixture industry

Mall Kiosks & Mall Carts for Shopping centres 2007-02-11 14:28:23

The retail industry is experiencing a huge growth in the kiosk and Cart industry. The specialty goods industry has seen dramatic increase in the purchase of kiosks and Carts as a wise alternate to leasing store space.